The Fuji X100 Series, Long Term Thoughts

This post is really a stealthy backdoor into part III of my right and wrong series of posts. Meaning any notion of right and wrong have everything to do with what you are trying to portray rather than merely a technical exercise. I’ll attempt to blend that together with a few radically nutty thoughts on why camera reviews no matter what they say are meaningless as well as truisms that are also complete lies about all cameras being the same.

Capture One Film Presets Walk-Thru

Yet another walk-thru of Kodak Classic B+W Presets For Capture One. Just one thing before we start — a news flash — one very considerate user alerted me to a big screw-up. The workspace included with the download is the wrong one. We’ll that’s fixed. Just use the same link from before and re-download. It’s there now. How’s that for customer service. Problem and fix in five minutes.

On with the show. At the top we have your garden variety OOC RAW in Capture One. This time from a Fuji X100S. I try to test the presets across a wide variety of conditions to make sure they are useful but any input from users is welcomed. Today, lets mess with a tricker emulation — Kodak BW400CN. Not really tricky but more twitchy in a lot of cases. Don’t let the twitchy-ness put you off. Here’s a few ways that will apply to a lot of scenarios to make use of it…

Phtography Right And Wrong II

Another installment of the rights and the wrongs. Last time I blathered on about things technical but at the end of it all I hope the subtext was that all of that techno-stuff like what decisions to make is directly related to what you want to make and how you make it. The bottom line is that in many ways some of the techno-crap “should do” conflicts in blatant and subtle ways with what you want to make. That’s the psychological part. I used an obstinate photographer that refused to follow any of the “should do” things which would have greatly contributed to the only possible mission he was on to demonstrate a slightly different psychology — somewhat unexplainable but very related to being open minded.

Photography Rights And Wrongs

Taking a break from the film emulation thing let’s talk about “right and wrong” when it comes to making photographs. I’ll try to not be so verbose — which means a subject as broad as this is definitely going to be a multi-volume set. The internet is a strange thing communication wise. Strange for me because it’s so limited as compared to an in-person conversation. A dialog is better — even phone conversations lack certain characteristics of being there live and in color.

Capture One Film Presets - Walk Thru II

Even if you don’t use my film presets or Capture One hang around for a few thoughts that might jolt you into trying something else… or not…

Okay, so I was doing a mini-coaching session to help another photographer get to where he wanted to go last year with Mika. I love shooting with Mika. She’s on my same wavelength — the kind of person that I really wouldn’t care if we were chatting over dinner or making photos or both. Anyway, we set up some speedlights in a gritty industrial section of the building. Me — I shot with the really horrid available light consisting of about 32 differing types of overhead florescent lights. I only took a few pictures as I was giving some options on direction and getting to the feel he was after.

2015 I Still Love Film - You Should To

Yep, I have two of the best digital imaging devices (according to me and what I like) ever made. Each of them cost a hideous amount of money for what they are. I still shoot film here and there — if you measure frame count then my digital far out numbers my film use. Part of the reason is laziness, part of the reason is convenience, and part of the reason is just plain ol’ mob-think. Come to think of it part of it is hoping and searching to find a place I was over a decade ago.

Where was that place? A place where I was completely satisfied and had no desire at all to upgrade, cross-grade, or chase after anything “more” in terms of imaging devices, glass, quality, nothing. The only think I gave a hoot about was subject. Honestly I thought we’d be way way past where we are at now far more quickly. Yes, we all have cameras that are sufficient for any job in a technical sense but truthfully they’re not as fun, not as simple, not as direct, and in some ways not as capable.

Film Emulation For Capture One

Okay, a few of you Aperture 3 abandon-er-ers have asked me via twitter, email, and a few blog comments when I might re-do my ultra-cheap but ultra-wonderful film emulation presets for Capture One and Lightroom. News Flash: A few of them have been live for about two days.

Now don’t go get all excited if you wanted the Portra and Fuji Pro Neg color stuff. Ummm — didn’t do that yet. However if you’re into black and white these might just be up your alley. If you just cannot wait around for a bit of back story get the Kodak Classics B+W here. Go on but come back for the first in a series of walk-thru posts. Hell even if you don’t get the these might give you a few things to consider when post processing your stuff.

Bigger, Badder, Stronger -- Chasing Gear

Most gear chasing has a lot to do with some notion of elimination of constraints. All of it definitely falls into the category of betterness. Ask yourself a question — what is better? Are constraints that either you perceive or some committee in the sky puts in your head a good thing to be eliminated or obliterated?

2014 Photography Year, Projects, Film, Digital, Etc

As mentioned in a previous episode I’m using the dreaded month of January to finish a project shot during the course of 2014. Finished as in out the door not to be looked at, or touched, or tweaked again. I’ve spent an immense amount of time during November, December, and even more in January. It might surprise a few of you as to how that time breaks down in terms of allocation. I thought I’d share that as well as a few other thoughts that have cross my mind while nearing the finish line.

The Fuji X100S Lens Rendering

Warning: This post contains extremely esoteric crap and highly subjective non-scientific study based solely on visual observations. It’s meant solely for consumption by absolute visual geeks like me.

There we go, with the disclaimer out of the way we can move on to visual geekery. First ask yourself this question; What does the Fuji X100 series of cameras have in common with a Nikkor 28mm lens from the early 1970’s? The answer; More than you might think. Oh, beyond the visual lens rendering geekery I’ll probably drop a few tidbits having far more value of just playing around, projects, and how one thing leads to someplace completely different with very little ability to predict where. Something I continue to be amazed by, an extension on the thoughts I posted along with LaRoque over the last few winter seasons.