A New Personal Project

Truthfully, I’ve started and gone down the road quite a ways on three new personal projects this summer. All three are progressing at an acceptable rate. As usual I’m in no big hurry to finish any of the new ones. In fact I’m in no big hurry to finish the two long-term projects that started a while ago, years ago.

I did finish exactly one project started last year early summer of 2015. I think that along with my absolute love of summertime is what fueled my unrelenting work on three new projects. The one I finished took a year. As recollection has it I don’t think I published any of the raw material or finished work here. That project is destined to be print only in it’s final form. I have yet to make all of the final prints but have made quite a few. The trend for me over the last few years, definitely since starting this blog is anti-web in terms of personal work unless it illustrates a point that crosses my mind here. Even then most of those are out of context and selections that illustrate a point rather than curated for the project itself.

So what? The project I am referring to in the singular with the tile of this post is different. Different in that I made a decision that from the start (or at least close to the start) I was going to create a space for it on the interwebs. That’s completely new for me. I’ve never done that before with any personal work. Growth? Loss of the fear that some commercial notions will pollute the intent? Maybe both. Every web presence I’ve ever created with the exception of this blog has been a commercial endeavor.

So why this particular project? Is it somehow destined for web only distribution as a final product? No, as usual the output is a series of large prints and a book. I really can’t answer why this project. The only thing about it that’s different from my other two project started at a similar time or any of the personal work done in the last few years is that it’s the only one that has a fixed end state. Not in time frame but a hard constraint that I set arbitrarily. I guess that means the timeframe is somewhat predictable. My guess — early 2016 and done. Does this make it somehow web-okay in my mind? Not really but I’ll not exclude that as somehow a factor.


  • What is this project?
  • Why is it not here on the blog?
  • Where the hell is it?

In uncharacteristically terse terms I’ll answer all of that. It’s called The Marilyn Project. That link is to the ”official” website for the project. It’s a random set of selections published from the raw material I produce as I progress and that’s about it. It’s published on Ghost and has no blah-blah-blah, just a picture, a date, and what lens I used. Oh, it also has tags that allow slicing/dicing a few different ways. It’s mostly a scratch book for me to look back on and group things a few ways. A public visual notebook and that’s it. The images look like hell for some strange web-resize thing going on but look pretty damn good on retina mobile devices. I don’t care, hence Ghost using the default theme. Simple and no work on my part.

Holy crap? RB with a blog that only has pictures and no blah-blah-blah? How can this be? Glad you brought that up. Well if you want a tiny bit of blah-blah you’re in luck. I do post random observations specific to the project over on Medium.com under an account that is project specific. Compared to this blah-blah the average read time for those pieces is only about 3 minutes so pretty focused with not a lot of meandering.

The Marilyn Project

Oh, the project has my very first Facebook page to. Umm, yes I have no Facebook following or experience so it has like 3 likes or something like that — whatever. Last and certainly not least the project has it’s own twitter that I really don’t use at the moment but might.

So that leaves us with one question unanswered. Why not here? Simple, this blog is huge, unfocused, multipurpose, and random enough without my personal projects spilling into it. Also it’s not at all about “me” and my work, it’s philosophical and I want to keep it that way.

Enjoy, or not. As usual I love feedback and discussion so that’s good. If you must discuss here but honestly I rather you discuss over on the project specific stuff.


Ps. Using my XT-1 and all Fuji glass to shoot this thing. I guess 4 months or so in and the 6 month experiment is working. More on that as well as even more 18-55 thoughts shortly. Those will most likely be here though.

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