Fuji X System Crazy Follow-Up

Wanted to post a quick update to the Fuji X System post I wrote last week. A few comments you can see at the bottom, that typically means I get about ten times that number of emails expressing opinions, arguments, etc. Most of them had elements of the public commentary but more than half also had a flavor of “Fuji’s completely suck (due to EVF/clunky operation/speed) or completely the opposite opinions regarding the same”. The combination led me to my typical crazy, compulsive behavior which might surprise a few of you.

Fuji Cameras Suck

I’m paraphrasing the group of people that reacted negatively to my claim that Fuji makes the best APS-C system in the world. The emails were more restrained and polite but that was the pervasive message. Sort of a confirmation of OVF lovers (like me) as well as my observations on operational clunky-ness. Overall there was skepticism towards my claim that I could live with a Fuji EVF camera and the 18-55 (a small exaggeration).

Fuji Cameras Are Better Than You Think They Are

The other faction’s feelings summed up. Mostly centered around my distaste for EVF based cameras with a dash of the usual skirting of the operational inferiority by relegating all the stuff that’s clunky to quirks as if those things are somehow quaintness to be admired and embraced. Hey, I’m all for limitations fueling creativity and all but not every limitation in every situation plays out that way. Everything in moderation rather than taking it a bit too far; Hey drinking water is good for you — ever read about the people that drink so much they kill themselves? You get the point.

In any case most of these people are Fuji system only photographers recounting their similar sentiments. Stories about using their X100/S/T cameras in OVF at first then slowly getting used to the EVF which in turned changed their mind regarding the EVF-only cameras. Bottom line was a pervasive message of “try it, live with it for a while, you’ll like it”.

Strange Things Happen When I Go Shopping

Some of you might remember that I’m in dire need of a new Macro lens. My old as dirt Nikkor 105 AF Micro has been exhibiting extremely quirky behavior for quite a while. A couple of weeks ago this escalated from minor annoyance to intolerable. Since that escalation a brand new Nikkor 105 Micro VR has been sitting in my Amazon shopping cart ready to go. I have a strange quirk that once I’ve set my mind to buying something that money is already spent (even if I can’t afford it or have no urgent need). Combine that with another quirk where I ask myself “what else could I get for that already committed money”. Over half the time I end up buying something that’s not I set out to accomplish in the first place. A very strange feedback loop of justification isn’t it?

Fast forward; A Nikkor 105 VR Micro cost about the same as a really good deal Fuji XT-1 I saw and the Fuji 60mm Macro may as well be free (see what I did there?). So now I have a Fuji XT-1 that is my macro lens for the same price (not really but close enough my powers of rationalization can chalk the difference up to rounding errors). Of course I chucked in an 18-55, they’re dirt cheap too.

Now What?

Well… Ummm… I figure I will sort out this EVF thing once and for all (well maybe not but for the foreseeable future). For the next six months I’m going to shoot exclusively with the EVF camera. Why? Pretty much to prove to the OVF/fast operation zealot crowd (I’m more on this side of the fence) that it really makes no difference beyond personal preference for that vast majority of circumstances. On the flip side I’m going to see if the “I was just like you but stuck with it and now it’s great” guys are right — it’s just a matter of getting used to it. Worst case is I’ve got a macro setup that’s really small where I don’t give a hoot how fast the operation of a camera is nor do I care much about viewfinders (live view is usually better anyway). I couldn’t care less about these things when we’re talking about tripods and super careful focusing etc, etc.

It should be interesting. I’ll give you the strait-up scoop as this progresses. Stay tuned.


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