OMFG! And Other Thoughts

WARNING: Caps and bold. This is an extremely snipe-y rant. Continue at your own risk. Also, I usually don’t point out individuals and I’ll try not to now but… if you know who I’m talking about please do not take this as any sort of personal attack. It’s not. Rather more a poster child for the mass hysteria that I ran across while bored this morning. I’m sure this will get me some hate mail and quite possibly some arm-chair argument, Whatever.

… and I brought the 56mm 1.2 because of it’s breathtaking depth of field Fuji X Acolyte

Hmmm… breathtaking. Breathtaking? Does that happen often when looking thru the lens? You get out of breath? Or does it happen when you see how out of focus it is? Does the breath exit your lungs for a long amount of time? Does it cause delirium due to oxygen starvation to the brain? Does this condition occur merely thinking about a 50mm-ish lens at a relatively large aperture? Or maybe the oxygen starvation only happen with Fuji 50mm-ish lenses with X somewhere in the name?

Here’s some advice; Whatever you do, never go near a typical garden variety 50mm f/1.4 lens on say a full-frame sensor. Watch out though, they’re everywhere hard to stay away from in non X-land. Everywhere you turn if using any of the tens of millions of 35mm SLR’s or FF DSLR’s they’re like landfill. I’m afraid you might actually die of suffocation so please don’t every look. Also never attempt to say frame a picture the same way you would on the APS-c 50mm-ish ‘cause you’ll stand closer and the lack of DOF standing at say three feet vs five feet is going to feel a lot like the absolute vacuum of outer space to your delicate lungs.

Some further conditions to avoid; Never ever, ever, ever use say an 85/1.4 or 85/1.2 as these will cause your lungs to immediately and permanently shrivel to the size of small walnuts. God help you if you get near a 105 f/2 or 135 f/2 they’re pretty common and about the same price as that 56mm. Those may exact collateral damages for anyone standing nearby as full lung implosion is imminent. My cameras are weather sealed but I don’t about keeping the goopy mess out.

Really? Really, really? F’ing breathtaking? I can forgive camera marketing departments — they use words like this all the time. Camera users? Sure, use those words to sell your own crap if that’s up your ally but please stop it on something as common and garden variety as a 50mm large aperture lens. A 50mm-ish large aperture used at six feet away? Get a hold of yourself. Back away from the kool-aid just a bit. Yes, generally you’ll shoot closer with a 50mm on FF and yes the garden variety 1.4 is almost indistinguishable from say 1.2. Standing closer with 1.4 will net you more out-of-focus-ness than even a tiny bit farther away with a 1.2.

Do I like my blurry-ness? Sure, but for god sake stop with the “OMFG, FUJI, FUJI, FUJI!!!!!!!!! A F’ING MIRACLE HAS OCCURRED.” Just stop it. A miracle has not happened. It’s not anything remotely unique. In fact the breathtaking lack of DOF is less than what could be considered the standard for decades upon decades. Wanna see some serious lung implosions… shoot 8x10 Fucking-AAAAAy. Whatever. Breathtaking… yah… right. Here’s the deal, Fuji has the only decent prime lens line up for APS-C no arguement, a wonky-ass bayer filter that causes far more issues than it solves, and has about mid-pack performance on current state of the art APS-C sensors. They have a fairly decent APS-C system only (which nobody else does) as long as you stay away from the zooms in which case there’s plenty of APS-C choices. They do make two very unique cameras the XPRO-1 and the even more Unique X100 series. There’s absolutely nothing Fuji-specific about the DOF on a 50mm-ish large aperture lens. Can we have some context please?

Rant over.


Ps. For reference: Thoughts on 1.4 vs 1.2 50mm lenses

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