Film Presets For Capture One, Review

I’m always a little apprehensive regarding the release of any eBook or presets or anything like that. I always expect to get some sort of “What the hell?” feedback from anyone that grabs them. More often than not I get comments and feedback that verge on the embarrassingly gushing positive. Here’s one I asked if I could publish here along with a few photos an early user sent to me.

I’m seriously loving these presets. Honestly man, I think these are the best out there - and I’ve definitely used them all.

That along with all the photos is from S Kevin Longo. I think the images are great he’s @skevlongo on twitter. Image at the top Kodak BW400CN-

Above was Kodak PLUS-X. So’s the next one.

Here’s one using Kodak PLUS-X soft blacks.

Kevin goes on to ask about additional presets for Capture One… Yes they’re coming. Based on request some color negative films are next up. Quite a few of you have asked me about doing these as well as my color stuff for Lightroom as well. I can, and I might but want to know if it’s okay/clear than I cannot match up the film-grain response as well in LR… the grain absolutely will be completely different and not as close to the real thing… If that’s okay, I’ll go ahead and put in the effort but I do want them to be useful to those that have switched over to Lightroom. Let me know.


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