Playtime Extended Edition

Yesterday, after the morning fog had lifted and my head was engaged a few notions crossed my mind. Gear, LaRoque, wintertime, projects I’ve been putting off, color vs. black and white, putting my money where my mouth is, etc, etc. Maybe more than a few notions crossed my mind. After a long stretch of the dreaded paperwork I wanted to deal with a few of those photographically. So I grabbed the GR and set out to do just that.

First off, winter’s coming. Isn’t that a line from somewhere. The angle of the sun was the first indicator for me. That got me to thinking about LaRoque and his abject failure to respond to my geometry challenge. Probably too, too busy hawking Fuji gear or straps or other nonsense. Who knows? Screw it I’ve been playing with it for a year and learned a thing or three. Here’s the next challenge for LaRoque — even earlier this year. Let’s see what he does this time around…

I’m going to walk thru a series of shots I made with my head in the game. Experiments and play for sure. Experiments to see how I might deal with color in that project I mentioned that involved motion. I know for sure it’s not about color but if I keep the colors simple and subtle that might be better than black and white. The other thing was a followup on playtime and how messing about gives you ideas and what you do with them is the important part. I gave myself a mini-project. Make pictures of two different things one I hate visually and one I like visually but see them in a different way. Simple enough, right?

The shot at the top was my exposure calibration and to see if I could maintain sharpness given all of the earlier coffee with the little GR — biggest challenge with the GR is motion blur due to me. Okay, look’s like it’s good but probably need a slower shutter speed for how I want this to go…

Hmmmm… this is the direction but need to be a bit more careful the 28mm sucks in a lot of stuff. Maybe need to relax a bit as well.

There we go, now I have the hang of where I’m going. I can make this sharp at this speed and it’s playing well just not what I want. I want it more female in shape and form.

Ooops blew that one but soft is kinda cool too. No stick to the game plan it’s a copout to go soft with the focus and motion.

Exactly, just to quick to produce the bending of laws of physics I want. In other terms I want softer curves.

There we go… exactly but I really like the way the highlights overlap in the last one… hmmm let’s try to do both.

Getting there but I need to keep the highlights overlapped longer. Tricky.

Almost, but not quite; Let’s try it another way.

Yea, now that’s it, that overlapping highlight is so cool. Let’s go for something a bit more solid.

Pretty neat. Okay enough of the contact sheet. I tried some other things after that landed on a place where I liked the sparkle-y highlights (I’m a sucker for shiny objects) and made this one before declaring it done…

The camera is a magical device. It can turn anything into anything else. They deserve respect and so does your subject. Hopefully this destroys any notion of sharpness IQ nonsense as if some recipe is going to produce that. How do you perceive these… sharp enough to convey sharpness. What’s important about gear? What’s important about technique? The only thing that’s important about either is that it gets out of your way — that’s it. What’s important about play — everything but only if you actually use it to execute ideas. I am shamefully guilty of too many ideas without execution. I become distracted and single tracked. I helped to make an idea a reality this year which is super enjoyable, I’ve attempted to help a bunch of other people with getting bullshit out of their way to execute what they wanted to make while shelving or procrastinating on what I want to make. Water under the bridge. The part that I’m not guilty of is actually playing and refining the play.

Oh, forgot — what is this stuff? Well having shot it the first few shots are a dead give-away. It’s the bane of my existence; plastic blinds. I hate plastic blinds they’re pre-constructed awfulness is everywhere. I hate the way they look. Hate everything about them. The only thing that might revolt my sensibilities more is the never ending ubiquitous fucking neutral beige wall-to-everywhere-carpet. Horrible stuff — why do we all surround ourselves with such ugliness?

In any case here’s the specs for those that are curious.

  • Everything was in camera via motion.
  • Shot one-handed at 1/6 second.
  • Colors going in were pretty much neutral what you see is some of the more extreme versions of random one-click VSCO film 05 presets. I forget which one’s are which but generally they are the “blue” or “green” versions or the ++ versions which exaggerate the color casts and add they’re own.
  • Wanna know anything else? These are all the shots from first to finish, the EXIF’s all there if you are that curious. At the end of it none of it is about the “how”. The real question is the what.

So Mr. Geometry LaRoque; Here’s a simple challenge. Shoot a fucking mini-blind with the blasted Fuji. I’m sure it will be better. Actually I’m hoping it will give me something to think about. Winter’s coming…


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