PhotoStreams, A Fly In The Ointment?

I love iCloud Photostreams. Not the automatic one, more curated streams that I create myself. I noticed something today that might be an issue. I’m not super concerned with it but certainly annoyed with the problem. It’s one of those things that causes me to say to myself; ”If Jobs were here everyone would get fired.

Over the course of 2014 I’ve started a few new policies. They’re not fully implemented yet but they will be by the end of 2014. The first one was a decision that all internet JPEG’s will be retina-ized. Most people don’t have retina screens. At least not large ones — yet. My new standard internet JPEG size is 2048 on the long side. Those dimensions are not outrageously big, but good looking in most retina contexts. Like the new iPads, and the MacBook Pro Retina screens. Tiny phone screens don’t really count.

This new policy has caused me some issues. In a lot of contexts where backend software combined with really horrible browser based client resize algorithms make my images look worse rather than better. I really don’t care that much. Just like I don’t bother coding web stuff for Microsloth IE, especially ancient versions. Anyone stupid enough to run IE6 or 7 or any of those is not an audience I want to interact with anyway. I much rather optimize for the hardware I run. Facebook, twitter, etc along with Webkit resizing really puts the kibosh on IQ in any case — just worse for larger images. Here’s where the issue comes in. That new size policy.

Most of the people I share photostreams with happen to be iPhone, iPad, and Apple computer users. Obviously that’s the case so it works great. They have an appropriate device, they have an iCloud account, works great. Every once in a while I run across someone that uses some hunk-o-crap $600 Dell laptop or one of those horrible Android things. No problem, I’ll just share a public website version of the photostream. As of today it seems that doesn’t work with my new large image sizes. It might be a temporary glitch. Heck it might only affect my account right now. I have to investigate but my cursory testing shows that none of my re-vamped retina resolution photostream public websites work. They fail to load either all or most images. My internet connection is not the issue for sure.

What’s the other policy? I am on the cusp of color correcting specifically for what I consider the average iDevice. I’ve done some trials, just haven’t brought myself to actually implement that yet. A philosophical issue for me but hey — it’s reality in terms of image consumption at this point. One way or another I’m going to roll this out for internet images before the end of the year.


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