Real Film Edge Borders, PLUS-X

Sorry, running a bit behind. As promised here is a zip file you can download with a bunch of scanned, prepped, washed, ironed, and dried plus-x film edge borders for your use and amusement. They are plenty big enough to scale to any reasonable print or output size. I tested them with my D600 and D800 files and they look great even huge. I left them a bit messy and not completely identical like the real thing. If you need use instructions — as in how to put these around your existing 3:2 ratio image give me a shout.

Just grab this zip file containing 35 frames of good ol’ Kodak Plus-X edge goodness. This is insanely tedious to scan and mess with so if you find them helpful, fun, useful, or just want to be a nice person shoot me a donation to help with the hosting and bandwidth via paypal at [email protected] Always appreciated since my Aperture eBook sales are certainly going to zero now that Apple has officially ditched Aperture 3. More on that later but that’s certainly not going to pay the hosting bill any more.

Eventually I’ll have to find a new place to call my home for my photo library of record. I’m not too too busted up about loosing it as a RAW processor as I’m agnostic when it comes to post-processing and far more sensitive to cataloging, finding, rating, comparing and the old-fashioned edit stuff. I’ll share a few thoughts on avenues any Aperture users out there may want to explore as we all go down this road to eventually being the only Apple imaging app standing. We’ll see.

Back to the matter at hand. Film edge borders… Seems like HP5 Plus is the favorite one to go next based on chat’s I’ve had over the last twenty four hours. I’m thinking maybe a color film after that like Fuji 400H? Maybe a medium format set for a black and white film? Let me know but next up is 35mm Ilford HP5 Plus.



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