VSCO vs. Exposure 6 vs. Nik Color EFEX

Did I ever mention I’ve owned and continue to evaluate every film emulation package in the universe? Are they better than they used to be? Sure but none of them reproduce results that are the same as the real thing and more importantly the cameras that generate the input photos still have some issues when used in real-world light. I evalute all of them mostly as entertainment. I actually use one of them in any serious way (Nik Silver EFEX Pro). VSCO provides a quick and dirty set of reasonable defaults for my import presets. The others I typically just like to poke fun at.

The screen shot above shows three different takes on one of my old all-time favorite films, Kodak Portra 160NC. I loved that film, especially in medium format. The input file to each is identical and each of the emulations is strait-up. From left to right we have Nik Color EFEX Pro 4, VSCO Film 02 with the special profile, and Alien Skin Exposure 6.

Funny stuff, they’re all completely different in terms of color response for the same corrected WB on input. Hilarious, they all claim “accuracy”. Looks arbitrary to me. More to come.


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