Real Film Borders, By Popular Demand

After yesterday’s fake film border rant I had an idea. Not a brilliant idea, simply a well, why don’t you do something about it kind of idea. The idea? How about some real film borders/edges for a few popular and good looking film edges. Before I go through the tedium of posting a whole roll of ‘um let alone a bunch of different films I thought I would put just one out there and see if anyone will actually use any of these.

The image at the top was shot on my Nikon Df, 28mm Pre-AI lens, and processed in Nik Silver EFEX Pro 2. I slapped the film border on in Photoshop as a test to see how well it worked without ludicrously large file sizes. The original scan is at 2400DPI rather than 4000 which gives a nice balance based on a few various input image sizes. It scales great to 24 and 36 megapixel input images because of it’s simple nature. I didn’t sharpen the edge lettering specifically because it will cause scaling issues if you scale it up.

If you want the rest of the roll please let me know. This first one is sort of a RIP to Kodak Plus-X, a film I used heavily that’s now gone. If you want more I will do TRI-X (old and new), APX-100, TMZ, 400H, Delta 100, HP5plus, Portra, whatever you guys want.

Speak-up as I don’t want to waste my time on this if nobody wants this stuff.

Above is a full resolution PNG with transparency. Just drag it from your browser to wherever you want to keep it. If you need a quick and dirty how-to also let me know.



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