My 28mm Buying Binge, The Ricoh GR

If you weren’t convinced I’ve come unhinged in my last post regarding the acquisition of 28mm lenses at an alarming rate, this should do it. I just received a brand new Ricoh GR yesterday. You are probably muttering something akin to ”WTF”. Yep, no viewfinder is typically a no-go for me. I still feel that way for anything remotely considered in terms of photographing people. Here’s the story of how I came to rationalize this impulse buy. It all started with an extra battery I’ve been planning on grabbing for my Nikon Df. I started searching around for one via the age old method of comparing Amazon, to, Adorama, to B+H, and looking at reviews of off-brands compared to the real-deal twice as expensive Nikon part blah blah. Boring stuff…

Batteries are certainly not something that one fantasizes about. There are no visions of epic adventures one will have with a battery. It’s one of those items that you really just cannot get too excited about. Even way back film was more interesting to shop for even though it kinda fits into the same category of stuff. Batteries were never interesting or inspiring. Enter the world wide web. Now you can take a little break from the battery comparison tedium every 3.5 seconds and also google other stuff that crosses your mind, like more lenses.

Fast forward, in all of those ADHD fueled interludes while looking at batteries I slipped on the internet equivalent of a banana peel onto what looked like a rational thought process. A brand new Ricoh GR, and a Ricoh optical viewfinder, and, a 32GB SDHC card, and, a $50 gift certificate all for under $700. Hey, I could use that $50 to get two batteries and the rest of the stuff is kinda sorta free. Yep, I can perform those creative leaps along with a few other self-rationalization gymnastics to make this work in my head. Completely rational. Hence Nikon Df extra battery leads to new camera. The practical part was that I miss having a camera with me always like I did with the X100S. I would get another but it’s just a tiny bit too serious. If I’m going out with any intent to make photographs I’ll just take the Df. If not, I want something crazy small. Phone cams and I just don’t get along. I have too much of a why bother kind of thought process with them. This thing is tiny enough I’ll never be without it. It’s also got the meaty-ness in terms of files where I’ll actually use it.

I’ll certainly keep you all updated as to how this viewfinder-less thing works out as well as my feelings and evaluation of the whole as I go forward. I’d give my initial impressions now but gotta run. Workshops to host…


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