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Less than an hour until a small crowd would gather. Running late. I wasn’t the only one feeling lethargic on this cold dark morning. Nia barely starting the process of getting out of bed. That small crowd would be the participants for the day’s window light mini-workshop. This is the backstory for my most popular post on to date.

The month of March is the height of my wintertime dispair and depression. The light at the end of the tunnel feels like the proverbial train. The weather outside was horrid as was the light. I immediately exposed a few test shots. This was bad, 1/100s f/2 @ 1600ISO right up against the window with white reflector as close to Nia as possible — literally. Not at all the day to lead a window light workshop.

A peculiar thing happened as I made a few more exposures willing the light to get better or even brighter. For a moment I lost track of time and circumstance. Suddenly an awareness of what was in front of my camera. The scene transformed from a poorly lit backdrop for the workshop looming a mere half hour from now into a scene of intense beauty. A subject that happened to reflect the mood that was likely overwhelming most humans this dark cold March morning.

I’ve been experimenting with as an outlet for photographic projects. So far I’m happy with it as a platform for the type of projects I have in mind. I’ll continue to experiment with the platform as well as the style and content I post there. It’s certainly a far different tone with vastly different content than I share here on my blog.

Grey Socks

For anyone that’s interested the photos in the ”Grey Socks” essay were produduced using my Fuji X100S with VSCO film 05 Fuji Neopan 400.

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