Speedlight BTS Trailer

It was two weeks ago now and I have another and completely different mini-workshop done as of yesterday. Been so busy with other things I forgot to share a little behind the scenes trailer from my 10 Things You Can Do With One Speedlight mini-workshop.

Ten sounded like a good number even though there are a bunch more things on my list. I'll use those as variations if this turns into something I do on a regular basis. Too bad getting through ten different setups in two hours while explaining them, helping participants with different aspects, etc is pretty much impossible. We got through three and a half on this particular day. Based on participant feedback, I'm breaking those ten things into three different mini-workshops that make sense as a series or a la carte. Hope to get those put together and rolled out next month. Until then here's the BTS trailer…

Behind the Scenes: 10 Ways 1 Speedlight workshop featuring Mary Celeste from Atomic Canary on Vimeo.


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