Aperture Tip - Project Search

A few eBuddies took a giant step and decided to give Apple Aperture 3 a whirl a few days ago. I really hope they find it useful. In the spirit of attempting to help them as well as other Aperture 3 lovers out there I'm going to ramp up the short and sweet little tip output here for a bit. No two thousand word complicated things with nine different parts. Just quick hits.

For the first one I'm going with Aperture 3's project search. No not the ability to find images – that's good too – this is the one that helps you find projects and other project like things. If you don't use this a lot already, you should. I swear this has saved me at least 5 years of accumulated hunt-peck time since it was introduced. We're talking about that little text box up at the top of the project inspector panel with the magnifying glass icon.

This little guy searches for projects, folders, albums, whatever shows up in the project inspector by name. Usually a couple letters gets me there no matter where I put it or how deep what I'm looking for is nested. Truly a marvel of modern technology. Hyperbole aside - why the hell doesn't every thing have this (Ulysses III does). As you can see there are a bunch of things here if you bother to take a look at that search box's drop-down menu. One of those things is favorites. Anything in the project inspector can be added to favorites via right click context menu and can really be helpful for those like me that have 49,000 project like things, as well as time saving. Try it.

Wait, there's more. Project search is available in fullscreen mode as well. Of course it's in the project inspector which can be useful and get you directly to an album or a light table or other things like that but if you just want to jump right to another project I find the quickest thing to do is hit the projects button up at the top of the screen while in fullscreen browser mode (looking at thumbnails vs viewer mode which is looking at an individual image or group of selected images). It's at the very left of all the breadcrumbs leading down to the project you are currently looking at.

Here you'll see all of you projects (arranged any way you like - I prefer "by folder"). Just use that same handy dandy search box to search by project by name in this view. Here you can see I searched for "mary". The difference? It only shows projects. Double click and you're there.

It's little things like this - dozens of them, maybe hundreds, that keep me coming back home to Aperture even if I use other RAW processors here and there for special cases.



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