Fuji X100S eBook - A Request

I have been threatening to write an eBook all about the Fuji X100 cameras for over a year. As far back as when I was just coming to grips with my original X100. The intent was something along the lines of The Fuji X100 For 50mm Guys. Guys being the generic and inclusive of female Fujifilm X-Series enthusiasts of course. I've since been compiling thoughts and materials in a serious way ever since that first road trip to DC late last summer.

After a much contemplation, re-organization of thoughts, and flip-flops I;m on the track to do something less specialized. Here's a fly-by of what's in my head and the road I intend to head down. I sincerely request anyone's opinion that cares to comment – publicly here or privately via email.

  • A highly opinionated guide based on how I use the camera as opposed to every possible way the camera could possibly be used. Exposure, metering, focusing, display overlays and information, all of the things I have extensively experimented with. The ones I ditched and the ones I kept.
  • To go along with that the why behind the working methods I landed on. At least that way if your needs and biases differ to mine you'll know which direction to go. Just do the opposite of what I do…
  • Approaching the camera coming from a DSLR point of view.
  • OVF v. EVF considerations and where I landed.

I will absolutely not reproduce or paraphrase the manual in any sense. Instead I make the assumption that people interested in some of the nuances are eminently capable of understanding what how the camera functions but would rather some very biased and very contextual scenarios of use based on a ton of time behind the lens of the little beastie. Of course I will include all of my complaints as well with some advice on overcoming or at least ignoring those quirks. Last I will cover some things about living with a 35mm equivalent as the one and only lens. I'll just do it without the 50mm bias.

If this sounds like something you might want let me know… or the opposite. My intent is to have it out in March – otherwise it's back to the drawing board for the 19th time.


Ps. Do you guys get the obscure music or movie references I chuck in about 80% of these posts? Are they too subliminal? Like the way I just wrapped up the last sentence above? If not maybe I'll just cease and desist. Otherwise be the first to identify the reference and it's contextual relationship to that paragraph. First to do so will grab a free copy of the eBook when I unleash it on the world…

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