Point Of View, Motion, Etc.

I've mentioned a couple of times lately that I am reviewing images I've shot in 2013. I love to look at images after some real time has passed. Completely new perspective. I'm bitterly hard on myself during this process as a matter of course. Yes I find a few hidden gems that I passed over before. Some that I was enamored with due to one minor bit or another may fall out of favor but most of all I am hard on myself about how much I didn't shoot and didn't get done.

I guess it's kind of a bad thing for me to do as we go into winter given the way I'm wired but in a way it does kick me into gear on a few things - let's call it negative motivation - the stick rather than the carrot. Even though it does bring me down a bit seeing how I wasted the summer it also super charges my desire for brute force progress on things that are currently at the top of my list.

I'll share some other thoughts on this another day. Right now I just happened to run across something very rare - an image of me shot in a short sequence with my D600 while I was shooting Anastasia on my washed-out DC trip. I happened to be shooting my X100S the vast majority of the time so my other camera was just laying around. In between packing up for a move Carly managed to fire off a dozen or so shots - some of them a little too much for the blog so I won't share those. Before it got lost in the sea of stuff I won't see again for a long time I thought it was an interesting point of view for a couple of things that I talk about but are kind of hard to show exactly what I mean.

I'm of course talking about the image at the top. Two things of note besides me at my goofiest - damn you Carly. First thing I ramble on about all the time is my preferred M.O. of shooting subjects while they are in some sort of motion. You should be able to see what I mean here. If you can take your eyes off my skinny butt for a moment and check out The subject of what I was pointing my camera at you might get a sense of that subject motion I talk about. This is how I shoot a heck of a lot of my images in terms of circumstances. I shoot with the subject in motion or at the beginning of the motion or the end. Sometimes I will let the subject blur a tiny bit - usually the parts that aren't important. Takes a bit of practice and a really good viewfinder (one of my little hang-ups about EVF's that throw off my timing). Sometimes I choose a shutter speed that freezes that motion. Every once in a while I go for really blurry - actually a combination of blurry and sharp in terms of subject motion. Something you might want to play with.

The second thing is crazy obvious. Point of view. I've seen many many photographers - good ones that get into a habit of only using one point of view. I'm all over the place when I shoot. On the floor. Standing on tables, chairs, ladders, whatever. Does it all work? No. Do things sometimes work that may seem like they wouldn't if you just thought about them? Absolutely. I force myself to do this - well I used to have to put it into the front of my head - now it's almost habit but even now I still take a step back and actively think about what point of view I haven't taken a look at. It can change everything just do it. Get into a different habit that explores points of view you haven't. Try to do it with everything you point your camera at.

Just some Sunday food for thought before this completely slips my mind.


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