Adobe Rant Of The Moment

I just wanted to register a quick note about my current irritation with Adobe. Some of it is just psychological hang-ups and some of it is more than just paranoia about intent and the future. Obviously my current frustration is with this whole Creative Cloud nonsense. I use the word nonsense because of the idiotic marketing/sales bullshit that Adobe uses to perpetrate this shit. How fast Adobe can deliver updates/fixes to paying customers had absolutely nothing to do with the "cloud-yness". The software it self it downloaded and updated just like before. This is all about money and it's certainly not designed to make Adobe less money. We can all probably agree that Adobe is absolutely positively not putting out a new rental model to make less money - even if you are pro-cloud or agnostic.

Before I go into my current irritation rage I must go backwards just a tiny bit to my previous build up of irritation before this latest insult piled on injury. I have been a customer since the very first - well actually the second - release of Photoshop. I've paid for upgrades but not every time. Most of the time yes but when they had nothing to offer me I skipped it until the product did have something to offer. Example case - anyone remember the new release that didn't support Apple intel machines even though those machines and Apple's stated direction towards intel happened way before that release? Remember how long it took - in yet another paid version to get intel support? Well I skipped the paid "upgrade" that didn't have it.

I got back on board when it made any sense to. Since that point I have paid to upgrade my Photoshop and my Lightroom every single time. Two things over the last couple of years really started bothering me. The frequency of pay Adobe more for not much really ramped up in frequency. You couldn't really know that up-front. Let's call CS5 the upgrade that should have never happened - not if CS6 was so so close on the heals. Let's call LR5 another kind of bullshit upgrade. You don't have to agree but the frequency and not really anything earth shattering once a year was getting a bit old and expensive.

Consider this - the only reason the "cloud" rental makes any sense financially is comparative to the idiotic pace of bullshit paid upgrades that you pretty much have to do if you stay current with cameras because if you don't you are out - new camera support is out the window with the older products unless you want to to through a fairly cumbersome change to your workflow. Hence my previous irritation - too much money for nothing but new camera support from my perspective. All this is absolutely in the name of revenue growth - maybe Adobe doesn't really or shouldn't "grow" if they have no new markets, no new products, etc. and they are in maintenance mode. It happens. I have seen it before - the product has saturated the market and there is no more market expansion. There are perfectly good products and companies that are not the darlings of investors any more because they have nothing new to grow customers or revenue. Then there are the ones that go down this road which is to extract more revenue from a somewhat static customer base - that would be us. Definitely not a good place to be as a customer. In fact it actually becomes a very painful place to be.

Hence the current irritation - I suspect this is where we are at as customers. Now the insult to injury part. You did pick-up that like a good little Adobe customer I upgraded quite frequently over the last 2-3 years. In fact the CS6 and LR5 upgrades are quite fresh. Especially the LR5. Now where does that leave me - the good, loyal, all the "upgrades" customer for PS and LR??? A current guy that just spent money.

It leaves me with a virtual gun to my head. That gun would be the December 31st deadline to sign-up for the deal of the century. You know the one, don't you? Nine bucks a month for PS CC and LR CC. Hmmm too bad it's the same shit I have now and already paid for. Why the fuck do I have a deadline? Oh I see I have the SAME deadline as the guy that hasn't paid anything since friggin CS3? What's this in my email - my other email that Adobe doen't know about? Oh I see screw it - the whole damn favor you are doing me at nine bucks a month starting now for product I already bought - the once in a lifetime opportunity or pay twice that plus random "upgrades" to Lightroom really is open to everyone. Oh I see you are giving me two additional weeks more than everyone that never bought this stuff before.

Fuck you Adobe. Just fuck you.

Let's lay this out with not so much emotion - hey I am a passionate person so give me some leeway here.

  • I have paid you for the latest stuff. I have it. That was recent. It's the same stuff you are telling me I have about a month to sign up to pay you monthly or the same fucking thing I have now and if I don't then god help me if it doesn't run or doesn't support a camera I happen to use in say March 2014 which I cannot know.
  • I should be ecstatic about you either fucking me softly now to potentially avoid getting fucked much harder maybe at any time after the deadline. It's such a great "thank you" - how special do I feel. Not so much, it's the same deal you are giving to everyone else that never paid you a dime. This tends to make me a bit paranoid that you are just going to fuck everyone really hard down the road as it suits your revenue goals.
  • So I sign up - maybe for nothing as that $10/month may not actually do anything for me compared to what I've just bought but if I don't you fuck me as it suits you. Or down the road after I've paid my $10/month for a while - who knows how long, let's say a year since that's the contract and it actually does nothing for me over what I've already paid you decide to fuck me when it counts buy changing the price or I am screwed with a new computer or camera or whatever.

Hmmmm - yea the wonders of the cloud and the December 31st gun to the head for people that own the current crop of shit. Thank You for such a fucking gift Adobe. Thank you very much you fucking greedy fuck-tards. I cannot wait to see a new company blow your company to tiny little pieces - at least for the photo related stuff.


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