Me In The Woods

Can you believe it. Me, hiking in the woods in November. Nature and I do not see eye-to-eye but there I am. Well not really me but you can tell I am there because I took the picture. Just a grab shot of one of my Atomic Canary coconspirators Carly.

Surprisingly I had a decent time of it. That probably had something to do with it being 50° or better outside. That certainly won't last. It also happened to be really foggy so I spent the entire morning daydreaming about what I would/should be shooting in the fog out there - which wouldn't be streams, waterfalls, rocks, moss, and such. I had big-big visions of colossal shoots with amazing wardrobe and people running around in the fog as we took the epic mile walk in from the road.

Once we got there the fog was not nearly as thick as it was earlier but you can still see traces of it in the background. After arriving I had a great time chit-chatting with all the wonderfully nice photographer folks that came with. Giving them my two cents on techno-stuff like shutter speeds, and neutral density, and RAW, etc.

All and all how can you help but have fun spending a couple of hours with like minded people making pictures. There's definitely more to come - a bunch of stuff in December. Not epic knock-down, end-all, marathon events - more along the line of fun quick hits to get together, make some nice photographs, and pick up a thing or two along the way. Here's one that's coming up… A two hour window-light mini-workshopthat should prove fun and with at least a couple of new ideas for just about any photographer. We'll be shooting live people of course since I will be taking this one one. If you happen to be close to Maryland - join us.


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