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Pardon the brief interruption from our usual photographic topics. Got lost in various techo bits and bobs for about a half dozen other people, that Atomic Canary endeavor, and playing with some of my own little neglected corner of the web. What's new in the world of photography - well for starters that yet to be officially announced but soon to be Nikon DF. You knew I couldn't resist commenting on this one given I am a Nikon shooter and long for something small and simple and with a 35mm sized sensor, etc.

From what I have seen and heard so far which don't appear to be very far off from the real truth to be announced today this is not a camera I will be interested in at all. Obviously we'll have to wait and see what it actually is and does but here's what I see so far that has me passing on this one.

  • Not small enough to make a difference to me. Seems D600-ish in size. So if the XPro-1 was not different enough for me this for sure won't be either. Fact is it looks exactly the same size.
  • I don't have a big issue with the current Nikon pro-ish control features and handling. I cannot see at all how adding the retro-y crap does anything for me but tarting up the camera. If it actually made it FE sized or even F3 sized I am all for it. If anything it looks as if it keeps everything the rest of the pro-ish bodies have and then adds all that retro shit on top of it. The single biggest improvement in Nikon bodies in a long while has been the mode dial on the D7000/D7100/D600 with the U1/U2 settings = awesome.
  • My pessimistic nature on humanity tells me this thing will be priced significantly more than the D600/D610 - stupid. Unless it does something astounding that everyone has missed this is just stupid. It puts it in the jewelry category for me which just doesn't cut it for Nikon. I just cannot handle paying extra for a camera that does nothing for me in terms of size reduction, handling improvement, IQ, nothing but a few retro-y fly by wire decorations slathered on top of what amounts to the standard fare for Nikon DSLR full-frame bodies. Said it before worth saying again. If you are in the market - the smart money is on used D600's at fire sale prices.

Okay enough of that. I may eat my words but that will be based on surprise pricing, surprise features/performance (no not crazy ass frame rates or anything), or surprise size reduction compared to D600. The other new product that I am actually more excited about but don't know enough about to even think about getting one is the Nikkor 58/1.4G. I absolutely will not pay $1700 for one and honestly what the hell will I do with yet another fast 50mm. It's just my addiction. I cannot resist. I will wait for a year or so and pick one up used when the retro-y 58mm Noct-ish glow bullshit wears off and I see some real world results but my guess is this thing has near zero light falloff, a better T-stop measurement, and really really nice OOF rendition.

In any case supposedly we'll all see what the real deal is with the new Nikon full-frame today. Do I think it will be a flop? No. I think so many people desire the full-frame "look" in a small classic package that this thing will sell like hot cakes even though all it really is is a thin layer of retro-y disguise for a package that's still too big and is overpriced just because of the afore mentioned demand.

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