The Paul Pride Project - Update

It's been a while since I mentioned The Paul Pride Project so in case you haven't been aware of the latest developments I thought I needed to get everyone up to date. Let me summarize this in case you forgot…

I sent Paul a Nikon FE and a few rolls of Fuji color negative film to get him started. Mostly so that he could re-experience the joys of simplicity of a classic camera with not much functionality and outsourcing of post processing to someone else. It is a great exercise which I recommend to any digital shooter as a good way to just level set the whole photography experience back to basics and what is actually the most important thing about this endeavor.

Cutting to the chase, this little experiment quickly lead to a destination which shocked me. Paul made a quite radical decision to only shoot film on the little half broken beastie that I sent across the pond. While I am sure there's more to it than just Paul re-discovering the joys of 35mm film, it definitely was some sort of catalyst. While I expect Paul will eventually shoot both film and digital again sooner or later I am intensely following where this goes. So far I love some of the shots that have come out of this.

But it's probably better you just read some of Paul's thoughts on the subject here. I would absolutely recommend following along with this - not just for the film-y parts but for the photographs. Paul makes some really nice stuff. He's got a Hassey clawing away at the inside of his brain - well acquiring one. How crazy is that? Who would have thought?


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