OM-D vs. XE-1 Bottom Line

A short while ago I was trying to decide on which particular smallish camera to buy as the prices of both the cameras in the title continue to fall. I asked for all of your opinion and here's where I ended up.

At various moments the pluses/minuses of each system and individual camera caused my mouse to hover over the one-click purchase button over on Amazon. I kept going back and forth. Then I got busy with actually shooting pictures instead of thinking about the merits or lack of merits for both cameras. I came to my senses. Specifically my head went to "what the hell do I need yet another camera for". I've been down this road before. It's the same road I went down with the XPro-1 v. D600 v. X100S love triangle a while ago.

The answer became clear - I don't need yet another camera. I know exactly what will happen. The same thing that happened before. It will come to the big choice - am I taking a camera bag with me or not. If so I am perfectly happy with my small D600 kit consisting of the body and two primes and the X100S. Done. If I want to go bag-less then it's just me and the X100S.

I'm not saying my particular kit decisions are the absolute best for every photographer but they are right for me. You see the very next set of choices after bag or no bag happens to be strobes or no strobes. For me if the answer is strobes that brings an awful lot of other baggage as well and the difference in size/portability between the D600 and X-Pro/XE-1 is absolutely the last frigging thing that will matter a hoot. If you are a backpacker trying to shave an ounce here and there obviously your choices will be different. For me I am in exactly the right spot as the D600 or other equivalent has fairly huge benefits that just cannot be touched by those other two cameras for my needs/desires.

Okay - so my G.A.S cured itself. I am sure both cameras would have just sat around doing nothing. A very bad thing for a camera. However if you happen to be shooting an older APS-C camera and have no real complaints or your needs are a bit different than mine I would keep an eye on both the XE-1 kit with the fabulous "kit zoom" that is absolutely every bit as good - probably better than the big guys' "pro zooms" and also the OM-D EM-5. It's a little tricker going with the OM-D as the kit lenses have their ups and downs and which particular set of glass to go with is a whole other matter. Both of them will most likely continue to plummet in price over the next month or so - definitely a great time to buy if you are not hypnotized by the slight upgrades for the new versions…

The other camera I would take a look at from a timing perspective has to be the D600 - there is the deal of the century. Dirt cheap with all the internet bashing. Dust - yea right - whatever. A few people that have been keeping an eye out have seen a couple deals for about $1000. Now that is a steal. If you think full frame is the answer for you I don't think you will see any kind of deal on anything like this. Alternatively you can convince yourself to grab the exact same Nikon D610 at twice the price because of all the issues. Ha yea right.

Screw it - take the bargain. One of two things will happen - my experience which is no dust, no oil, everything fine and I am 10,000 shots in or… You experience the "dust/oil" problem - I don't think the collective internet can even define exactly what it is and just clean it during it's break-in period. I have it from a few sources I actually trust that some things they have seen similar to the dreaded "issue" go away after a few thousand shots as far as they can tell.


Ps. One of my old Pro Nikon bodies way back did the oil thing for the first 1000 shot as well. I cleaned it. Matter resolved. I mentioned it to a colleague he said the same thing happened with one of his two D3's as well. NBD.

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