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I mentioned at the end of the last post an experiment of sorts. Quite a few of you made it that far and registered your interest in joining the photostream - thanks, lets see how this goes. If you have been following the blog for any length of time you probably know I love contact sheets that show what was shot in and around the shot that was selected as the one. I even like looking at my own contact sheets - especially ones I shot a decade or more ago on film. There's a sort of magic to them seeing the context and evolution of a particular scene or approach or even just variations.

Thinking through this interest in contact sheets I've determined my particular curiosity is actually a bit more broad than just the one contact sheet. I actually am intrigued by other photographer's approach and process to any given project. Especially if it spans more than one outing, more than one subject, and a longer span of time than a moment.

Given this personal curiosity and interest I thought it might be of interest to a few of you if I shared mine - visually for the most part - on a personal project of conceptual nature (the harder kind of project from my pov). I decided that to try an experiment. To share a modern form of contact sheet for one particular project I started earlier this year. It's shot on digital and will only contain the shots that I did specifically for that project and also has the general treatment that I envision as a baseline for the finished work to all of the images in a blanket manner rather than OOC RAW renderings. Nothing crazy - just a consistent look that I envision applied to every image shot for the project.

Out of all the images I share I would guess about 1% or less will find their way into the finished project. I'm not really going to discuss which ones are on my mind as possibles at this point. It's probably too early in this project to do that. Of course I have some in mind but I have found that in this sort of thing - a longer term year plus endeavor that selection and prediction of finals happen to be quite volatile as time goes on and the project evolves.

In case you missed it I will be sharing those virtual contact sheets via iCloud Photostreams. You don't need to be an iCloud users or an Apple user to see them - they will be available on a public website but if you happen to own any Apple device and have an iCloud account - even a free one - you may also send me the email connected with that account for a little different experience. Specifically the syncronization of each contact sheet to your iPhoto/Aperture and any iOS device Photo App. Within those apps you can comment if you wish on any image specifically along with other capabilities as if they were imported JPEG's - flag them, rate them, label them, organize them, etc. For whatever purposes you choose.

If you haven't played with photostreams in iCloud/iOS seriously you may find them pretty amazing for how they can be used and what you can do with them - I will be posting a few articles specifically on the basics as well as some creative uses going forward as well. I was surprised at how many long term Aperture users have ignored them for the most part - they are wonderful and I am predicting they will get some amazing functionality shortly based on what I am seeing in iOS 7.

Okay enough of that - let's kick this thing off already. You've seen an image here and there from the first contact sheet I am going to share for this personal project so it won't be a complete surprise. Here's the public web version…

##Contact Sheet No. 1

If you would like to experience the wonders of the iCloud photostream version email me at with the email address associated with your iCloud account and I will add you to each new contact sheet as I post them. Ether way please feel free to comment on the project as a whole as it evolves, any particular session/contact sheet that I photograph for raw material. A particular image whatever. Have a question, conceptual, creative, technical - they're find too. Feel free to participate in this in whatever way suits you. Curious about something just ask - either in the photostream or here in comments.



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