The X100S - A Tale Of Two Flares

With all my gushing about how much I love that little Fuji X100S and especially the rendering characteristics of it's f/2 23mm lens there were bound to be some questions about what I was talking about. One of the things I pointed out in my last praise lavishing X100S post was how easy it was to provoke various attractive flare from the little guy. Especially wide open.

For easy reference here is the image I included at the top of that post…

Just in case you cannot decipher what's going on here I let the sun hit the lens in the top left corner of the frame and that's where you see the little bit of flare. You can control that by shifting the camera around and playing with the aperture a bit from f/2 to f/5.6-ish… In my experience the flare will always render and spread from where that light seems to actually be coming from on the X100S. Nice - at least in my book.

Now for contrast take a look at the image at the top. Not a scientific test by any means - don't care about those but illustrative none the less. It's my Nikon 50mm 1.4G with some provoked flare. Just trying things - hey that was the mission. First off the light is coming from about the same place - top left. Honestly I have no idea where it's striking the lens at all. It doesn't matter. This is what you can do with this lens end of story and it doesn't vary that much. If I included the light source it may give me some reflections but at the end of it all it will typically render opposite of where the light is coming from as you can see. Further more it's sort of like an on-off switch vs variable as you twist the camera around or stop down a bit or both. You get this - or nothin'.

Okay - short one on X100S flare characteristics. Not the only effects from the little guy for sure but just one and just one of the reasons I love that little lens so much. I like things with nuanced effect that I can use and manipulate. For those of a different mentality - sure do it in post.


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