Dilemma - XE-1 Or OM-D

Did you see the price reduction on the Fuji XE-1 Kit in the last day or so? This really will push the prices down on the used ones for sure. Hell the used ones haven't even caught up to the price of a new kit. Yea right - anyone is going to buy a used one for the same as a brand new kit let alone more. This along with the drop in OMD-EM5 prices that will continue for the next month or more has put me in sort of a dilemma. Therefore I need some assistance…

Now both of these cameras have fallen below my threshold of who cares and both have the potential to act as a place holder for my own wish and desire. Of course that desire is a yet to exist X200/X300 Fuji camera that is the same thing as the X100 but with a 50mm FOV and/or a 90mm FOV that is the same size as the X100. Perfect for me. I could take two of the little guys and confidently do real work. Truth be told I am very comfortable working with two bodies (small) with two primes. I would do a trip like my DC trip in a heartbeat with two X100 sized cameras and two primes. Sans camera bag!

Now that I can have either of these two and plop a 50/90 FOV equivalent on either and not really exceed my size threshold either may work as a stand-in for my true desire. The OM-D winning out on the size front being really really close to the same size as the X100S with a prime. So now that I have this in my head it's not going to go away.

Which one would you go with as a placeholder - single prime until Fuji gives me what I really want… Hands down it would be the OM-D with the 45mm f/1.8 all things being equal because of the size, quality/speed of that lens, etc… and the ability to slap a 50 equiv lens on it and still be small but there is one fly in the ointment. That fly would be the aspect ratio of Micro 4:3. If I mixed the two cameras I would have to either frame for a more square-ish ratio on the X100S or a more long-ish ratio on the OM-D and then crop one or the other to match… assuming I am not shooting for a single image - which I am not most of the time. That's the only reason I don't pull the trigger right now. The XE-1 is bigger but not too too big - the deal killer is the size of the 35/1.4 and the 60/2.4… now we are in the nit category vs the D600 and 50/1.4. My rules, my size threshold - yours might be different.

Which one would you pair with the X100 to get either that 50 or 90 FOV? Should we have a vote? Thoughts?


Ps. Image at the top shot on my little Fuji X100S. Consider it a preview for what I think is a very very interesting series of posts for all of you here. Let's call it project contact sheet. This series of images I made recently may find it's way into one of my personal projects started earlier this year. This is the basic treatment I have settled in on for the project. More to come.

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