The Smart Money

I love when new cameras are announced. Especially lately, now that there are so many great ones. Gone are the days of a new model totally eclipsing the last one. Gone are the mind blowing IQ differences between one year and the next. Just take a look at the 5D mk-ii or the D3S or, or, or…

The same goes for all cameras now - not just the full frame cameras. Same, same, same. This is not a complaint - it's great. In fact it's super great for photographers as opposed to gear heads. Why? The market still seems to behave irrationally even though conditions on the ground are quite different than the heady days of "holy shit - have you seen the new whatever".

Let's take just three recent announcements that have already had a huge impact for smart people. Fuji's announcement of the XE-2… wooopie. Not for the XE-2 but more for the XE-1 with the fantastic kit lens. I mean check out the prices… Will bet they really bottom out when you can actually order the XE-2. Me I am actually contemplating grabbing one as soon as they hit about $800 or less. Really! I mean this is pretty much everything you need for $900 right now. I will bet within a month or so that will be $700. Multiple people have told me that since the latest firmware the XE-1 is faster than the X-Pro-1 and the X100S… I believe them.

Same goes for the Nikon D600 - ever since the D610 rumor the price on used has dropped like a rock. Will bet they go to $1000 as soon as it's official. You have to be kidding right? Hell I will take a D600 at around $1000 any day of the week - it's the same camera. Oh yea the "dust" issue - yeah right. I don't have it and even if I did - yes I can clean my sensor every once in a while… who cares. Look at the prices… Again give it a month or so and we'll see those bottom out for a "new" version that is literally the same camera - no changes.

That brings us to the other one. The Olympus OM-D EM-5 remember just a short while ago you couldn't touch these things for under MSRP… well even though the new version is not available the prices have plummeted and I will bet they will continue to drop during the month. Heck Amazon right now is more expensive by a good margin than the Olympus store… that's how quick it's happening. I have found a couple with the 12-50 for a small enough price I may get one just because I have a small camera fetish… probably won't really like it but great gift for my daughter…

I am telling you guys - the smart money is on the last models in new or near new condition. Playing this game is a bit tricky. They will continue to fall as people/retailers sell them as quickly as possible but usually you will see a slight bounce back when they hit rock bottom. If you are in the market just go for it. If you really want the lowest price keep an eye every day on these three guys. The price/condition drops pretty quick and then bounces back even quicker. Saw it with the D3 and D700. All three are no excuses never need anything else cameras. Heck if I had an old camera that was sub-par IQ I would just grab an XE-1 with kit lens now and not even worry about the $100 or $200 less it might be in a month or so. At $900 for everything you are going to need with great IQ and a great lens (not your typical kit lens) - why wait.


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