Off To DC For A Bit

Okay. About ready to leave for the Train and left all of my gear and paraphernalia decisions until this morning. I had a bunch of shit in my head but nothing even started to go into any bag until about an hour ago. I told you I am playing it fast and loose with this road/train trip. Here's what's going for those that might be curious if my craziness subsided.

Cutting to the chase - it didn't subside. I am probably taking too much as usually but not a car full for sure. Just the one Domke F2. The crazy part is the utter redundancy of what I am taking. Call it some sort of placebo that will make me feel better just knowing it's there - even though there is very little chance most of it will actually see the light of day.

  • Nikon D600 - of course.
  • 50mm f/1.4G, 85mm f/1.8 AF-D, 105mm f/2 DC for AF lenses.
  • Nikon FE - a black one. A couple of rolls of film and the 50mm f/1.2 AIS - stupid huh. See the overlap. Whatever.
  • Fuji X100S - this is my "wide" lens. I just happens to be hooked to a camera. If I didn't have this I would probably take a 35mm. Too bad I don't have a 35mm AF prime… I would but this monster is why I don't. Truth be told I would much rather carry two X100's than that beast. It's staying home.

Now for the really strange part - guess what I bought. That thing I referred to that would Frankenstein my X100. A tele conversion lens and adaptor to screw it to the front of my X100. The only one I could find I was sure that I could adapt and would get here before I left happened to be 2x. Was really looking more for a 1.5x-ish. It was only about $10. What a piece of utter crap. You should see the distortion, soft edges, massive CA. The one thing it does is make my X100S more of a 50-ish. Yea it's a bit too long now but for me 70mm feels more like a 50 than does a 35. Too bad I will have to use the EVF for framing. We'll see how it goes - an experiment. I will still be on the lookout for a 1.5x that produces better quality - not in any measurable way - just in a way where the flaws are a bit more towards my aesthetic.

Honestly I wish Fuji would make a really high-quality 1.5x conversion lens of the same ilk as their wide/28mm conversion lens. I would buy that in a heartbeat and I am SURE just about everyone else that owned an X100 would as well. Especially if they messed a bit with the firmware to provide a 50mm frameline in the OVF. Easy enough - why the hell don't they do this. Ever since the wide conversion lens came out the X-Community has assumed a 1.5 was on the way - any minute now… Instead what we get are 32 new variations on cheap-ass no viewfinder cameras that I have no idea why anyone interested in the original concept would ever want besides people that somehow think the whole OVF/EVF wonderfulness of the orginal concept rubs off on shitty cameras without viewfinders. Oh yea we get a bunch of variations on slow variable aperture zoom lenses - like we don't have enough of those on the planet. Whatever.

Dear Fuji please stop this shit and release the friggin fast short tele that was on the roadmap and then got delayed a whole year and also a 50mm converter of high quality for the X100/X100S… Thanks… RB.

Okay - as for playing it fast and loose. Here's the agenda. Is there a chance that it will be an epic fail with no resulting images I really want? Sure. If that's the case I will chalk it up to preparation for something else down the road on my personal projects. One way or another I will shoot something and try some things out. I do know if I brought my commercial project mentality to the table it would ensure that none of what I may make would fit into those project's vision and intent.

So far I have 3 subjects lined up - two of which I have never worked with before and one that is ummm injured. I also have a MUA lined up I have never worked with before - not really for the personal project part but may as well start getting to know people here for other stuff - I have put that off for years in this area since I moved. None of these people may actually show up = I have not worked with them before and they have no incentive to do so. So what else do we have…

I few tentative - "let's grab a bite, or lunch, etc" from various photogs I have chatted with here, on OTP, or twitter. We'll see I will give them a shoot when I am not actually shooting and see if our schedules and location matches up.

Wish me luck on the project stuff - or anything remotely useful for that matter.


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