Some Quick Semi-Photo Related Updates

Okay some quick updates. First off, Operation LaRoque is a go. I shipped the Nikon FE and 50mm AI f/2 lens off this morning along with a roll of super cheapo Fuji Superia 400. I am kinda liking the name Operation LaRoque sounds almost clandestine. The Paul Pride Project sounds a bit more like some sort of alternative rock band. Cannot wait to see what happens with this. Hoping Patrick posts results, feelings, etc. even if it's an abject failure of epic proportions.

Oh, "What's the single roll of cheapo Fujicolor for?" you ask? Well of course it's to see if the camera actually focuses correctly and exposes the film for virtually nothing using a drugstore for process and scan with a remotely decent chance they will get the color somewhere near correct. Me, I would shoot it at ISO 250 and still bias my metering towards the darker parts of the scene with the FE's 60/40 center weighted meter. In fact I would have done it myself just that way but am leaving for DC and just cannot fit it in prior to leaving. Don't want to hold this up any more than necessary.

Which brings me to the next update. The gotta get outta here Washington DC mini-train-trip excursion with not much of a real shooting plan. I am a bit edgy about not having any clue as to exactly what I will be shooting along with backup plans and backup plans upon that to cover every contingency. The most detailed plan at this moment is to show up. Maybe possibly flesh out and shoot some of my ongoing project concepts if that happens to look like it would work - or not…

Looks like Thursday and the Second half of Friday are at least scheduled to shoot with a tentative sometime Saturday. That leaves me with a half of a day Friday, half a day Saturday, and half a day Sunday to figure out something to be making pictures of. Not into in-animate stuff so if you know anyone down there please give a shout out - much appreciated. As for once the Sun goes down. I have a couple of tentative - let's grab something to eat kinda thins from the OTP google+ group as well as the blog. If you want to just hang out - the more the merrier just let me know. Nothing formal - keeping it fast and loose till the last moment.

As for gear - I will definitely let all of you guy knows where my whacky thought process winds up. Still sticking to the One and only one Domke F2. Right this second my inventory of what's going inside is a little bit insane. Not in the absolute amount of gear but the idiotic redundancy of it. Three cameras, and 4 of the same focal length normal lenses along with the Fuji X100S that has the 35mm equiv. Oh and one 85mm. Kinda luny. I am hoping this doesn't stick and reason will win out. Specifically maybe just the Fuji X100S, One SLR body, One 50mm, and One 85mm. That sounds a bit more reasonable. Will I really use 4 different 50mm lenses? Why would I carry them. Ridiculous. That's what's rattling around my head but no so loudly that I have actually changed my mind yet.


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