Funny Film Emulation Crap Of The Day

Just file this under silly or amusing shit. Remember my bitter complaints about VSCO film for Aperture the measuring stick happened to be how close or far it was from the same allegedly painstakingly accruate preset as rendered by the same folks at the same company as it was in LR?

Well this should prove amusing to you even if you don't. Checkout the screenshot at the top - that's Fuji 160C with the Fuji profile in Lightroom 5 otherwise no adjustments. Well I just happened to have filed that photo about 5 minutes prior to importing into LR5 to test something - not important what. It just so happens that my Aperture 3 import was originally set to apply Portra 160 from VSCO. What crossed my mind is that the as imported color in Aperture 3 prior to me screwing with it and applying a different preset was unbelievably similar to the Fuji 160C applied on import in LR5. So I just had to check.

Here's VSCO Portra 160 imported into Aperture 3…

Now I did have to add exactly 1/3 stop in Aperture 3 to get the histograms to match up. That's quite typical for the default curve in LR+VSCO film vs the typical default tone curve in Aperture 3. I could have gone the other way as the as rendered exposure in Ap3 is more attractive. The JPEG is actually closer to Aperture 3.

In any case the funny part is that VSCO Fuji 160C in Lightroom would be a dead-ringer for Portra 160 in Aperture 3 if I took out the excessive builtin red/pink toning out of the Ap3 preset. That's hilarious. Just keep that in mind the next time someone tells you how accurate and realistic any particular simulation of a particular film is… Yeah - right. Arbitrary. I would much prefer if some company somewhere would just give me starting baselines that matched up across RAW processors that they allegedly support - now that would save me some time across various cameras and software packages. No big deal - mostly this stuff just amuses me to no end…

Now for those that want more than just amusement from your investment in time - here's the practical upside if there is one… Do you like the Fuji 160C rendering from LR5 but rather use Aperture 3? Well there's your answer. Just use the Portra 160 preset and add 0.33 stops exposure in Aperture. As an optional bonus you can take out the massive red/pink boost in the highlights via the VSCO curves block used for the toning to get really close.


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