Operation LaRoque

And we have another winner. Winner of what you might ask? Well of course that would be winner of the Complain about something publicly in just the right way where I can fix it with a bit of film photography contest. So far we've had a couple of winners of this obscure but very prestigious contest. There were a few guys I never mentioned here but should have. We of course have Paul Pride - I would link to him but he's having a bit of technical difficulty at the moment. This time the ultimate grand prize winner is Patrick LaRoque. The post I just linked to was the actually catalyst for the win.

The summarized version is this… Lamentations about getting lost in post-processing treatments in such a way that it has actually affected his photo-psychological well being.

Of course you probably know my answer to this but just in case you might not the global answer to all photo-philosophical, wandering in the weeds, can't quite get your head tuned in the right way, kinda photo problems is always a simple joyous beautiful to look at, wonderful to hold, hunk-o-brass-and-glass, old fashioned camera with a fast prime, a roll of film, and a bit of photo-therapy that cures all sorts of ills.

The grand prize of this particular version of the contest happens to be an absolutely gorgeous Nikon FE in black paint over brass provided out of the carefully curated personal collection of none other than me. I mean look at this little beast…

How can shooting something like this be bad for you? It cannot possibly make you feel terrible. Options? Umm about 4 options rather than 40,000. Post processing? Up to someone else. No thought in that. The only thing to think about is the frame you are actually making at that moment. That's it.

I actually gave Patrick a choice on which camera I was going to send after getting him to agree at virtual gunpoint. Not super dangerous that gunpoint thing over the internet but he relented without a whole lot of force being a French-ish Canadian. Heck I have known him for a while so I had to give him at least some influence over the situation. The choices were…

  • A Nikon FM2
  • A Nikon FM
  • or a Nikon FE

All of the above had a black or chrome option… He chose the FE… not a bad choice. Actually a practical one if used judiciously in aperture priority mode. The images here are of the one I just selected today and cleaned up a bit for him. This is a rare case where every single thing works just as it did in 1977 when it was brand new. This one is in absolutely fantastic shape for a camera that has actually been used as can be seen from the brassing where a leather strap protector wore through.

The metering matches up with my D600 exactly at both high and low ISO settings. The cleverly disguised AE-lock works. The metering needle and match-up needle are perfect. Everything is great with this camera. I didn't film test it but I did make sure the distance scale seems to match up to known well focusing bodies I use all the time. Seems okay. Should be good to go.

All I need now is his mailing address and this thing is on it's way from my house to Canada in a jiffy. Please wish Patrick luck and I am sure whatever he chooses to make with this little beast will be quite enjoyable for the rest of us to view.


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