Aperture 3 Fuji Pro Neg Film Presets

As opposed to yesterday's idiotically long winded post on something as simple as selection of a 50mm lens today is going to be a relatively short one. The long requested Aperture 3 presets that do some sort of credible job emulating the Fuji Professional color negative films. I have not sought much input for these from all of you but I have taken a few things into account based on feedback from the Portra presets. So here's the story as it stands right now.

I will again do a pre-release but this time it's going to be a bit different. I have the preliminary versions of the Pro-neg line finished and collated from my general mess of things that I use in Aperture 3. Generally I have stuck with the same pattern as I have for the Portra presets with a fairly large exception. The old version Kodak Portra has some subtle highlight and shadow toning built in to each preset. Nothing major or over the top but a hair of warm highlights and some varying degree of color in the shadows. This was typical for the older Portra films. The Fuji pro neg presets as they stand right now have none - zero.

I did this based on my typical experience with the Fuji negative films. Truth be told I did not use the Fuji films early on. I only started using them after they had been re-vamped by Fuji and re-positioned as a response to an updated version of Kodak Portra NC/VC films. At that point my results were extremely clean using the Fuji films and that's what I have done here.

While you wait for me to gather all the energy to post the pre-release on the store I thought some of you would get a kick out of some pretty rare PDF versions of the Fuji brochures for their Pro-negative color films. They look great and should serve as guidelines for those of you that don't have what film should look like firmly embedded in your brain from continual use back when it was really the only game in town. I do believe these are from after the re-vamp.

Here is the one on just the negative films. As usual I think these were made for way back when the web was really really slow so the image quality sucks and is highly compressed but a decent reference. An here is one that has the entire lineup including slide film at whatever point it was released.

Okay - to repeat myself for the millionth time. Color correction (WB) and density correction during scanning or printing has far more to do with the way an image looks than which particular film it was shot on. That plays a minor roll and generally is pretty subtle differences (besides speed/grain) for color negative film or black and white film.

The Fuji Pro-neg films are generally a whole lot less poppy/saturated than their consumer films. I will be doing a consumer version of their Superia negative films that I have already started work on as well. Those will be the really poppy ones. These are very subtle - well at least the normal and over exposed versions are. So - when can you get them? I hope to have the pre-release out a little later today. If I get hung up by something unforeseen than maybe as late as tomorrow. Keep an eye out.

As for the pre-release and what that means. First off it means that for the next week or so I will be taking in feedback from anyone that cares to use and test them, making adjustments, and releasing updated versions where it seems to make sense. It also means that I have a few Add-ons in mind that I really would like some help with. For now I am including the Portra Add-ons. The most important ones - contrast+, ++, and +++ will definitely be in the final as well as the X-TRANS pink fix. The reset will be up to you if you have an opinion.

Any thoughts before I put them out there?


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