Aperture 3 Film-y Presets Update

Sorry for the short hiatus everyone. I am a bit delayed from releasing the final version of the first set of film presets for Aperture. Probably about a week off target. This is the week. Over the last week I have been doing final testing a tweaking across a variety of images and taking in a lot of feedback from all of you that have participated in the beta. I have made a couple of decisions that I wanted to review as well as release a final update to the beta download.

First things first. If you have been participating in the beta release please check to see that you have the text document that contains a coupon code. If not use the original download link to download the beta one last time. I just made sure the latest zip file has the text file with the coupon code. At various points throughout the last few weeks a few of the updated zip files did not have it. This is important if you want the discount for the final release so please take care of this.

Up next are two critical packaging decisions that I have made. I have received a ton of feedback regarding this as well as the beta version of the X-Trans specific beta version of Portra 160NC. Here's where I landed for the final releaseā€¦

  • Packaging - I will not be releasing tiny little packages of only one preset each. While a nice theoretical idea it's going to be too hard to manage and at the end of it all not very user friendly. Instead I have decided to release presets that are closely related in the same preset pack. Example - The first release will be all of the older portra film presets. They are too similar to make any sense to divvy up into individual versions.
  • The X-Trans issue. This was a really tough one. I have decided not to do specific Fuji versions of the presets. After extensive testing and a lot of feedback I have found it far more productive to include a fix in the Add-ons for some things that happen in Aperture specific to the X-Trans sensor. I have found that for 90% of images the specific tweaks for X-Trans sensors are irrelevant and unnecessary. For the 10% left over half of them don't need the fix and having it built in causes other issues. The last 5% are very specific to a narrow range of pinks that are exaggerated on Fuji cameras. I would much rather people just use the "fix" on the small number of images that need it.

That's it for now. The final release with all of the "old" Portra negative films will be out imminently.


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