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One of the reasons I like doing this somewhat all over the place blog is the kinds of people I meet one way or another and especially the kinds of conversations that we have spurred by things I write here or other places. They cause me to think or look at something from a slightly askew angle I wouldn't have looked at it otherwise. Today I am going to take a little break from the Aperture 3 and Film Preset centric posts of the last week or so and do something a bit more fun.

I am not a real big twitter-er-er, tweet-er, whatever it's called. I NEVER read or send them from my phone - NEVER. Actually I never do inbound calls or distractions on my phone - NEVER. Not even emails. Not even configured. Only when I am actually at a some sort of non-phone computing device. Typically I talk photo-crap on twitter. Every once in a while I will re-tweet something non-photo related. No theme, just random. So a little over a week ago I re-tweeted a promotion for the season finale of True Blood. Bear with me, there is a point here beyond my seasonal indulgence.

This caused someone on twitter to direct-message me (don't get the whole DM thing for anything that's not top secret) regarding her surprise that I was a fan as it didn't seem to mesh with my blog. This ensued into a 350 tweet conversation regarding why I am a fan with a bunch of tangents. So just for fun and anyone else that would be surprised I am an avid True Blood Fan here's why in no particular order.

  • It's done by HBO. I will give anything HBO does a shot, even if I think I am going to hate it. I never do. Can you say Game of Thrones? Thought I would hate that… I love it. etc, etc.
  • Why do I give anything HBO does a chance? They as a network curator/producer are significantly above par for any competition in terms of overall quality of actors, writing, production, visuals, and entertainment factor.
  • True Blood is one of a few summertime guilty pleasures of mine. I like my guilty pleasures that are not so literary serious. Especially when they are in the summertime.
  • If you take it for what it is - farcical - it's very very well done. It's a playground. Analyzing it as some serious literary piece for holes in it's story arc, etc are ridiculous. You will completely miss the real moments of brilliance that it actually has. Make no mistake there is some serious talent that works on this show. Acting, writing, photography, direction, makeup, postproduction, cuts, edits. This is not amateur hour.
  • Because of the above and being somewhat of a playground for all of those efforts of talented people it happens to have an extremely hight MMMPS factor (I just made that up = memorable magical moment per season). Not just for one thing but for all of the things that need to be done very well to make that magic happen.

That's the why I like True Blood. Don't believe me? Okay I just ran a little test - I searched for a scene on youtube. Probably one of dozens per season that randomly crossed my mind. I didn't know when it happened. I knew it was a previous season. All I knew were the big things so I searched for: true blood jessica jason pickup truck scene literally. Guess what happened. I got exactly the less than one minute clip that I wanted - exactly! I could do that all day and come up with exactly the scene I was looking for. Just play along for a second here - there is something to be learned for everyone in less in just a few seconds. I promise - this is photography related in a roundabout sort of way.

It's a luscious show visually but look at how well done that scene is. I am talking about all the creative decisions going on here. Did you check out the soundtrack switch, the timing and the mix-down of the levels. That switch from the piano to to the opening measure or two of Taylor Swift Haunted? The decisions to cut to the sweep of grass and the pacing leading up to the pickup truck how that scene was lit. All very very well done to make a memorable scene. You knew what was going to happen, but you really felt the shift when that backing track switched over. The decision to do it before the cut to outside. The way the camera work was done when they cut to outside, the timing. This is not shabby work.

You might think I am nuts but this is how I watch television programs and movies. The work done on most HBO shows (and a handful of other stuff) is not only above par for all of the talent and production quality for Television, it better than most of the movies. Maybe I am nuts that I look at my entertainment so analytically - I cannot help it, I just can't. Do you? Maybe you should once in a while - it's art. I can inspire you in your own endeavors in so many ways I won't even try to elaborate here - this is for fun today.

Back to the example I pulled out of thin air. Take a look at the view count on that clip. How can this be? How? It's old, not current, it was probably competing with 100 or more other clips of the exact same scene, most of which have been taken down, all of which probably had similar or higher view counts.

Just a thought - sometimes just exposing yourself to very well done other media forms and taking a tiny look at it deeper than the surface can do wonders for your still photography in ways studying information, or even other photographs cannot.

Okay now for the moment you have all been waiting for… I know that some of you are curious. Who's my favorite character? I have to go with the Eric/Pam pair - always have been my favorites. If I have to choose right now just one it has to be Pam. Talk about a playground, Pam is a playground for the writers - she has the absolutely most hilarious lines season after season. Wardrobe - come on now. Who do you think the wardrobe designers have the most fun with on that show? Yep Pam but the whole Pam/Eric dynamic has always just been so damn fun.


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