Kodak Film Presets For Aperture 3 - Update 3

I told you there would be some goodies for those helping out with the pre-release. Here's update three. This update contains a new folder of Portra 160NC versions specifically to deal with a few nuances of Fuji X Series cameras with X-TRANS sensors in Aperture 3. Some of you may not notice much difference on many scenes. On others it's day and night. Specifically the X-TRANS versions handle pinks and yellow/green a bit differently. Hopefully I didn't mess anything up along the way here and there still may need to be a few tweaks here and there for the Fuji cameras.

If you feel so inclined and happen to have an X-TRANS based camera give them a spin and let me know how they work out. I've been testing them on my X100S files and fine tuning them along the way. So far so good but you may notice things that I didn't or have scenes that expose other adjustments required.

The image at the top was shot with my X100S and happens to use the most extreme preset in the bunch. Portra 160NC push+ Otherwise no other adjustments… A bit over the top for me but a lot of you seem to like the pushed versions on your flatter scenes, landscapes, and still-life images. The 160VC are a bit wilder still while maintaining the same flavor.

We're getting close. Unless something comes up I think the final release should be out this week or over the weekend. Enjoy.


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