Full Scree HUD Aperture 3 Tip Of The Day

As usual, while using Aperture 3 the other day while out and about another photographer was amazed at some of the little things it did. Mind you this particular photographer was familiar with and owned Aperture 3 but favored Lightroom for no particular or specific reason she could explain when I asked. More of the generalized kind of stuff I usually hear - none of which she seems to actually use all that often.

The screen shot at the top is Aperture 3 in fullscreen mode which I practically live in on both my desktop multi-monitor setup as well as my diminutive 11" MacBook Air. Typically I have my inspector HUD pinned to the left side when using full screen mode on my desktop 27" monitors. It's just perfect that way, especially with 3:2 aspect ratio images.

As you can see for this tip I have un-pinned it and have it in floating mode. This is my usual method on laptops. Actually any laptops but the smaller the more important this is to me. I bring up the HUD when I want it and get rid of it when I don't want it using the H key.

Now for the tip - especially for smaller screens using the floating HUD. If you hold the shift key while dragging any of the sliders in the adjustment inspector the following magic happens…

Not just eye-candy, although that's nice too. It's amazingly useful when doing visual corrections on an 11" or a 13" laptop. I use it all the time to have a clear view of the entire image at a reasonable size. You all probably know that Aperture 3 does this but I thought I would put it out there as a reminder for those of you that don't use a laptop too often. It amuses me to no end when other photographers that know Aperture 3 but decided something else is better are shocked at how cool something is in Aperture that they never saw…


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