Presets For Aperture 3 Questions

I have gotten more feedback today than ever via email and twitter on the presets and it's a Friday. All of you have helped so much on zeroing in on get these things ready. Thanks so much. I am going to try to incorporate as much as I can of all your feedback without putting any people with conflicting needs out in the cold. With that said I have some questions for all of you that are mostly generated by your input. Also some of these may answer some questions that you had… Here goes…

  1. For the Fuji specific version would Fuji X-TRANS shooters like to see additional brightness built into the presets. Background: The fuji RAW files are ALWAYS a lot darker than the Fuji JPEG's and also seem to be really and truly darker than other cameras shot at the same aperture/shutter/iso when shot and compared side by side in Ap3 - so built into the curves OR just let you deal with it and the exposure adjustment block. So far that's what you have been doing I assume but it has been an eyeopener for some of you that have sent me files where all I did was up the exposure 0.33 or 0.5 and you were like "perfect"…
  2. Packaging this is actually a series of questions. Would you like to just see these as all small one-off's that you take what you want at really low prices? So you want 160NC grab it for a couple bucks, don't want 160VC don't buy it, want it another couple of bucks? Or would you like to see related films in a get them all for a bit more??? On that note would you like both options? Sort of like the iTunes store - individually if you want or the complete album?
  3. I never thought of this myself but someone did so I will put it out there. I intended on the first Kodak oriented pack having all the Kodak NC/VC films. Somebody wanted to know I was going to have them mixed. Would you rather see something like all the slower films Like Fuji 160S 160C and Kodak 160VC/NC in the same first release. They will all be there eventually this is more of a timing thing. I could certainly do that in the first release it would just cause me to refocus my testing and tweaking efforts. Up to all of you.
  4. There is a huge agreement that highlight and shadow toning should remain independent of each other but an equal contingent that thinks all of them should be reset between preset baselines. This looks to be the way I am going to go. Speak now or forever hold your peace… Here's the downside - this will reset the enhancement block with every change in baseline… can't have it both ways in Aperture 3 with the way presets work - cannot be done. Of course you can save your enhancement block via Shift-Command-C delete everything but that block then Shift-Command-V in "add" mode. Seriously let's finalize this.

Okay that's it for now. Please leave comments. I do not mind getting the emails but I think all of you would really like the email input and conversations that I have had… unless of course you are not comfortable with "public speaking". That's okay but all of you have some seriously good input and ideas.


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