Aperture 3 Preset Update

Another day another update for the film presets pre-release. Hope this is not too quick for all of you helping out with it. I did say I want to have the final delivered in a week or so. I am still hoping that is going to be the case. Today we have some decisions reflected on my part as well as some requests integrated.

First of the Funky Color™ base presets have been renamed officially to Shadow Tone™. I still think there needs to be a better name but Don Rabideau agrees Funky Color™ is not at all descriptive. In fact I think he was a little hesitant to even try them. After a little nagging on my part he did. That's what we are looking at up there at the top of the post.

One of the things I really like about maintaining this blog is how many amazingly accomplished and talented people happen to stumble across it both Photographically and in other endeavors. I am quite proud of the demographic that chooses to hang out here every once in a while. Quality people for sure.

Moving on. These images Don chose to try out the new base Portra 160NC presets on happen to be perfect for that subtle color in the lower tonal values. The images at the top happen to be Portra 160NC push (Funky Color™) Now named Portra 160NC (shadow tone). I think they look great. I also suggested that he try a slightly different treatment for the one on the right. He did in various flavors…

They are from right to left…

  • Portra 160NC over +Aqua Shadows and +0.33 on the exposure control
  • Portra 160NC over (shadow tone) +Aqua Shadows and +0.33 on the exposure control
  • Portra 160NC over (shadow tone) contrast++ +Aqua Shadows and +0.33 on the exposure control

My choice is the last one on the right, which just happens to be what my suggestion was. I think they all look great. Just depends on what you are going for.

So, what else in addition to the name change is new in the update? Here's a run-down.

  • Highlight toning is completely divorced from the base presets. It's not reset. So none of the toning is reset by any of the base level presets. Still looking for input on work-flow choices here.
  • I pondered the mixed input on how blues are being rendered. Took a look at various scenes from my library. Other peoples shots, etc. Some like the blue rendering, others wanted it toned down. I think I came up with a rendering of blues that will make every one happy (yea right) and it's now implemented across all the base level presets. Let me know how it works out and do not forget that this is the tamest, most subtle preset that will be in the final release. The VC versions render primaries a bit differently.
  • A lot of people asked me for an Add-on that dealt with skin issues they commonly experience. My first reaction based on the skin hue rendering that's built in was to take a good hard look at what they are doing with their white balance (see my diatribe on the word "warm" and how that has now turned into a word meaning "like" - unfortunately people take that as a technical fix and only go one way with the WB, ever warmer, when what they really need is the other way) No matter. In the add-on's you will now find a range of things titled "orange skin" try them on images where you have skin issues and let me know how they do for you. I still encourage people that need these on most images to re-examine their WB.

Okay so there we have it. More updates soon. Use your original download link that you received to grab the update. Please let me know if we are going in the right direction here.


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