Aperture 3 Portra 160NC Update

Okay, I am working on a lot of feedback that I have received from all of you participating in the pre-release. Haven't got it all covered yet for sure. Still looking for work-flow and usage pattern info etc… Based on some usage pattern and feedback that I have received along with various input on things people liked here is a really really small update as well as an experiment.

First up I renamed the contrast add-ons. No big deal. The real thing you may want to take a look at is two new base level presets…

The one demonstrated at the top is a new version of the "over" base preset. It's Portra 160NC over (funky color™). Next up is the same general thing but Portra 160NC push (funky color™). Here it is.

Both build in some similar but slightly different toning. Mostly in the lower tonal values. I am sure some of you will feel it's way over the top. Others not nearly enough… Let me know what you think and if this covers some of the combo things that more than a few of you liked. Like it better built in? Rather not have it built in? Let me know either way.

Also to answer more than one persons question regarding why enhance blocks vs levels vs curves. Right now it's only an experiment - not in results but usage patterns and work-flow. Without going into a dissertation it accomplishes two things first it allow completely independent highlight toning and shadow toning with no dependency on order of application or switching. Second is the base resets one while leaving the other alone. My goal is to determine what is best for all of you. Independence of add-ons, as well as to reset, or not to reset add-ons when switching between base presets…

Simple as that but important when designing things that you hope people find useful… Would you rather me just add a bunch of stuff and you get rid of it with checkboxes or lift delete stamp in replace mode? Up to you. Let yourself be heard.

Until the next update let me know. For now use the original download link and you will get the updated copy.


Beyond funky color™ the toning in the lower values actually does help some common situations with skin/hair in mixed lighting and lots of contrast… check it. Also you can vote on the name if that's just something that puts you off I will be glad to name it something more technical and sophisticated.

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