Portra 160NC Aperture 3 Preset

Okay, so with a heck of a lot of sorting, searching, testing, and re-arranging I bring to you the pre-release of the Kodak negative film emulation presets for Aperture 3. There's some good news and some bad news. The bad news first I guess that's always good. I am only releasing one film emulation today. Actually it's a fairly large range of that one film - five baseline looks. Some very subtle - the others not so subtle. The other bad news is this is a pre-release beta that I really hope to get some feedback on prior to releasing the whole deal for Kodak Negative films.

Here's the other rub. I really want a few early users that are focused on helping make this as good as possible when I get the full pack out. The film I chose is actually a little off the beaten path for most. I used a ton of the stuff personally and love/loved it. It's Portra 160NC as the tile has already let the cat out of the bag. In the pre-release there are a baseline for normal, a couple for in-camera over-exposed, and pushed in development looks as well as a few other add-on goodies. Not every single thing along with the kitchen sink. Just a couple, mostly subtle add-ons to the basic look.

As soon as I have what I consider enough people giving me insight as to how it plays in their work-flow and the looks they are hoping to achieve I am cutting off the pre-release and getting to work on all the suggestions across the rest of them. So this is probably only going to be out there for a week. If you have the time and inclination I do invite you to participate. As some of you know I am extremely accessible via twitter and email and definitely open to working with anyone no matter whether they have technical feedback or just look/aesthetic feedback to make the final release as good and as usable as can possibly be. I personally look to devote the next week or to tweaking, adding, adjusting, testing, and incorporating feedback into the final release.

Remember with that free verison 97 of Portra 160VC? I told you a little bit of why I had so many versions laying around. Same goes for other films. Film looks different based on a huge number of factors, how you shoot it, how it's processed, what paper it's printed on, who color corrected it, etc. What I did for this pre-release is take a good hard look at the dozen or more versions of NC that I had, how I used them, along with a smattering of what could be considered modifications or addons and incorporated them in to 5 basic looks that cover a good range of possibilities as well as my favorite modifications across those looks. Just like the free version of 160VC most of these baselines respond extremely well to basic exposure, blackpoint, WB, and enhancement control adjustments to produce attractive results for either correction or effect. Just like the real thing - skin tones look pretty good over a wide range of cool to warm.

If you wanna help get this thing out the door with your input or you just want to ride along just mosey on over to the store and grab it - it's the last product at the bottom of the page. Wait a second, hold on… what? Yep - a buck ninety nine for the pre-release. Trust me it's worth it. I hope - actually it's probably "worth" a whole lot more. The full pack will probably not be much higher and anyone that helps out here will get a special code in the download that will give them a giant discount on the full pack (actually it will be more than the two bucks off as well as some other goodies along the way.)

If you do choose to participate hop on board now and absolutely keep the download link that is sent. It's how I will be putting updates out during this time. Only use it if I post a notification that there is an update please.

Thanks. Feel free to leave public feedback here or email me at rwboyer@mac.com.


Ps. the Screen shot at the top is a 100% view of OOC vs 'Portra 160NC over+' - the warm highlihts add-on and the aqua shadows add-on. No other tweaks…

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