VSCO Film 04 - A First Look

In a word… Colorful or maybe Contrasty would be more appropriate. In any case you just knew I was going to buy them right? Heck with the double 25% off why not. I wanted to chuck a few samples up to give you a flavor. I can see myself using this particular pack more for still life, travel, scenic, maybe documentary and occasionally the kind of people stuff I like to shoot.

For those of you that have shunned VSCO for the muted color or perception that you must have that fade-y bad blacks crap this may be the preset pack for you. You will find very very little of that here. Out of the plethora of variations on the film emulations they include you will find maybe a couple with the bad blacks look (hey they do have an existing base to service). Overall this is the exact opposite of what you may be associating with the "VSCO look". The shot at the top is Fuji Fortia SP of the "portrait" flavor.

Here are a few more just to get a fly over of the more basic looks.

Above we have the basic Kodak E200.

In contrast here is another of the more tame presets Fuji Astia 100F.

Most of the presets have a warm and cool balanced version. This is Fuji Astia 100F warm. I will put up some more later along with a more careful look through the new toolkit and some more appropriate subject matter. If you like punchy contrast and color you will probably be head over heels with this particular release. I have already had a couple of conversations with people that I have shown the typical 400H vs some of the above presets and they have proclaimed this film pack the best one ever. I will probably end up using this right above film 03 in terms of frequency. So for me… 01 the most, 02 close runner-up, 04 and then 03 for my chosen subject matter and my particular taste. I just know the landscape and travel inclinded photographers as well as the documentary will most likely be all over this…

On another note - VSCO hasn't released 03 nor 04 for Aperture 3. My guess is that they probably won't. At least not until the fabled Aperture X or whatever it's called where there will be a surge of interest for a year. I have had increasing number of chats with fellow Aperture users regarding some film like presets for Aperture 3. Let me just say - I am working on it and pondering it. My take is that the current 01/02 VSCO for Aperture is not even close to the same products that the company releases for Lightroom/ACR. For my use they are heavily screwed with in Aperture so they are pretty much unrecognizable which also causes some issues.

I have my own film-y presets in a big heap of disorganized mess that I have tweaked and modified and hacked at over the last 5 or 6 years that do a lot of the same things and gets to the film negative look I like. Right now I am testing them across scenes and cameras trying to figure out an appropriate organization and more importantly if I can do them generically or it's better to go camera specific. Right now I am leaning toward camera specific with Fuji and Nikon on the list - it's what I shoot the most. Let me know if you are interested. They for sure are not going to be some sort of Opus - all things to all people giant pack. More along the lines of a few different broad looks fine tuned for current Nikon and Fuji cameras.


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