Some Aperture Film Preset Love

So feeling a little depressed? No VSCO love for Aperture 3? Well I'm here to save the day. Well maybe not save the day. While I am waffling back and forth and pondering, and second guessing how to package up some of the stuff I use in Aperture 3 for "film looks" in some reasonable semblance of order for something I would actually use without adjustments on import on certain cameras I figured I would treat all of you to my sorta-semi-recolection of how Fuji Astia kinda sorta looked when I used to shoot it - kinda. Hey it's free so just let the complaint department down in the comments know if it's all screwy from your POV. If you like it - hey man, let me know. It might motivate me to actually get in gear on the stuff I actually use all the time in Aperture 3.

So take your mouse and right click on this right here. Unzip, open it up in Aperture 3. Have a blast ranting and raving over it's wonders or how screwed up I am… your choice.

Warning - use at your own risk. This particular preset is pretty much designed and tested on a whopping dozen or so images from my X-Trans based Fuji. If you use it on ANYTHING other than an X100S, XPro-1, or XE-1 Fuji camera I will assure you it will look completely different than what I intended. I tested that on my Nikon… so have fun. If you really want to motivate me head on over to the eBook store and grab one of the lighting field guides or maybe my particular take on how to use Aperture 3 from a workflow point of view.


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