My X100S, Paul Pride Update, Etc.

Seems I have unwound about two years worth of TechnoScrewups™ over the last week or so while working on other people's WebCrap™. Some nice people over on twitter have confirmed that things seem to be working okay so I guess it's back to our regularly scheduled stuff.

First up - me and my X100S. I am now at the point where I am scolding myself every day about not making time for some of my projects using that little device that's just so perfect for the job. Way too much time in at the computer instead of behind the camera. I have been more or less sticking to a commitment of at least taking it out of the house with me every time I leave. Even if I am not on a project specific outing. Not a bad habit to get back into.

Evidence is at the top of the post. Nothing special but at least I had the X100S with me. Here's exhibit B. Again nothing project related but I am sure glad I took my camera with me…

My mom and dad at their 50th wedding anniversary surprise party last week. You may be saying - well sure - everyone takes a good camera to family special events. Ummm not really typically cell phones and such. There wasn't a time too long ago where I really wouldn't even bother picking up a camera for this kind of thing. Now my head is screwed on a bit differently - thankfully.

Moving on to the Paul Pride Project. I mentioned briefly that the Nikon FE showed up in the UK but Paul happened to not get his hands on it that particular day. Well now he has had his hot little mitts on it for a couple of days. As I mentioned in the last update, there were a few issues with the old FE. They don't seem to be stopping him from shooting it. Truth be told I am sort of shocked that he has blown through almost two rolls of the film I sent in just a day or so.

When I last checked up on him the biggest obstacle wasn't any of the little gotchas I mentioned having to do with an antique mechanical object. Believe it or not his biggest adversary has been coming to grips with using a 50mm having had been exclusively a 35mm shooter for so long with his X100.

Paul promises an update from his perspective shortly. Me? I cannot wait to hear how his first endeavors went and more so how he felt about any differences in himself when shooting with that bit of kit and film. Obviously we'll have to wait for him to choose a lab and get the results back to actually see how it went but I have no trepidation - Paul is a great photographer so I am much more interested in any difference in how he feels his approach is when he cannot look at the back and must actually focus the camera and wind to the next frame himself. I am also interested to see if any of his subjects react differently or if his buddies think he has gone around the bend…

Guess we'll all just have to wait for a bit.

Have a great weekend.


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