The Paul Pride Project - Update III

Three updates in less than 24 hours. That's probably better than FedEX tracking. It's certainly a record for me. I tried hanging out in the outdoors, went and shot stupid location tests while waiting for the film to get done but it's just to damn hot so… Here we go. The results of the first roll of Superia 200 StupidCrap™ to make sure the Paul Pride Project is off to a good start - on solid ground so to speak. I will try to provide commentary that is both educational as well as entertaining while assessing the results of 10 minutes worth of shooting within 100 feet of my front door.

The shot at the top is number 1 on the roll. I just had to have a cheeseburger prior to going outside after yesterday's update. What the heck - I can actually live on cheeseburgers and egg mcmuffins if push came to shove - and bacon. Actually bacon alone will do.

This one is the front of my car. I like to think of the hood thingy as a scope to target things pissing me off in the road - like bicyclists on curvy roads with no shoulder going about 2mph.

Here we have some sort of backlit retarded spider - he'll starve soon. Guess he didn't get the memo that all the bugs are on the front porch.

That was wide open I could barely see to focus the sun was so bright. It seems the focus works close up wide open as all of these have been so far. Flare is sorta Fuji X100-esque wide open too. Quite nice if used appropriately. Down the driveway and across the street we have this ominous sign. I have no idea what a dank undercut is but even without the caution it doesn't sound pleasant or anything I would want to be involved with. This was probably around f/5.6. I don't know, I was in Aperture priority and using whatever would give me 1/1000 or slower. It's certainly not wide open.

Here we have a bird that flew over. Prolly should have used manual. I think it's an eagle. Those used to be some sort of endangered something or other - now the place is infested with them. I think they are endangering some sort of fish or another at the moment. Not really the outdoorsy wildlifey type. Even birds with 5 foot wingspans look kinda puny with a 50mm.

I never really "got" bird people. Spending $82,000 on giant lenses and shleping it all over hell's half acre getting hot and bothered about shooting a bird 6 1/2 miles away. Heck give me a $30 small lens and a beautiful woman close up any day of the week - no comparison. Next up we have my feet on the street. this might have been wide open and probably about 2 or 3 stops over exposed if I remember correctly as the FE only goes to 1/1000.

Are these shoes appropriate for doing a workshop in Spain? I hope so. Socks are a no-go for me from May thru September. Just as I was about to take another shot of my feet with some additional "creativity" this little girl almost ran me down.

She's a meanace. That thing is electric and makes no sound so you cannot hear her coming. At the bottom of the hill where she's passing me she goes like 40 MPH. On the freaking gravel - reminds me of my daughter #2. No fear, as fast as it will go. If recollection serves this was Aperture prio at 1/500 second with my trying to grab focus while panning as she whizzed by. Next we have some more backlit trees with extra-special flare effects sans photoshop.

Obviously this is at a smaller aperture than before. I think it was around f/8 or f/11. I locked exposure on the brighter leaves/shadows mix. Will bet you there is a crap load of detail on the neg in the shadows if you want it. The drug store guys? well they just take what the auto-scan gives ummm. You know I could actually make a pretty cool picture here. All I need to do is take three steps forward. Get down a little lower. Frame it more to the right. Oh and chuck a semi-nude female in there so her hair is up in that flare-y sun-star-y part… Wonder why I haven't done that before?

Okay let's wrap up the magical mystery tour of the drive way and the street in front of the house. I am tired of hiking at this point. Plus I need to go watch some TV I bored. Let's try some more mixed sun/shade with colors that Fuji Superia will prolly like.

Figured out that I had one more frame when I got up this morning so I shot my first coffee with it… I couldn't have the pressure of that one frame hanging over me all day could I.

If I an focus it wide open and close up at 7am before coffee than it should be good enough for Paul… What do you think?



Techno-details are untouched (except for re-size) drug store scans shot on Fuji Superia 200. Camera ISO setting was ISO 100. That should take care of the little off-ness of the meter and give a bit more too. All of these were Aperture priority auto with some exposure lock here and there. The exposure lock on the Nikon FE is very convenient but a little quirky. You push the self-timer lever towards the lens mount. In other words in the opposite direction of doing the self-timer. The funky part is that the exposure needle will continue to change. The exposure is locked - you just have to trust it. If you want to test yours just cover up the lens so that the camera chooses something so slow you can hear it, press the exposure lock, uncover the lens, watch the needle shoot up to 1/1000 or whatever, press the shutter release and listen - if it shoots really slow where you locked it your exposure lock switch is good and working. Like this one is.

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