My X100S - Seriously

I have to treat my Fuji X100S more seriously. At least that's what I keep saying to myself. I have done a handful of sessions with it along with the original X100 where I have done just that. After uploading a card this morning containing a few hundred random images I find myself again saying I have to treat that camera more seriously. It's not the camera - it's me.

Did I grab some images that I actually like? Sure. Is my hit rate anywhere near that of my other "serious" cameras? No. It has nothing to do with the capabilities of the camera and everything to do with my state of mind when I use it. Truth be told I treat it far more like I would a cell phone. Kinda like "who cares". This probably has to do with the fact that I carry the little Fuji when I don't carry my serious cameras hence I am not in a serious frame of mind. I am not in the zone. I am not present - not in a making of photographs sort of way.

This has to change. Obviously I do not want to spin up the full on machine - that's not what this camera is for. I want to get somewhere in the neighborhood of where I am at when I shoot with my little 35mm film cameras. I'm just not there yet. I may have to do the dreaded One picture with intent per day cliche using the little Fuji. Like one of those 360 projects everyone does that's part of the in crowd. Maybe that will help.

I think it has to do with when I have the mindset to go make pictures I grab a serious camera conversely I when I have no particular agenda I grab the Fuji. When I reach for my D600 maybe I need to start grabbing the Fuji instead. We'll see.



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