The Paul Pride Project

Interesting title huh? I am toying with it as well as the less enigmatic The Paul Pride Film Project. In case you missed the tiny little shout out about this buried in another post on a different topic. Here's the summary. After a long and winding twitter exchange I have decided to send Paul Pride a working decent good looking film camera and lens along with a little care package of various color negative film. He agrees to actually shoot it to the tune of a roll per month - give or take. Nothing as formal as EXACTLY one roll/month. Heck he can shoot a boat load if he chooses.

Just something I thought would be fun. His work is really cool - check it out. I am interested in how he feels about it after a bit - maybe a few months. I in no way expect him to stop shooting digital. I hope it gives him some joy and also some perspective that he can choose to use when shooting digital - or not.

In any case it will be fun for me as he has agreed to provide updates - good bad or indifferent along the way so we can all follow the little journey. The frustrations, hopefully the joy, obviously some interesting images along the way to. I hope to see if he has any interesting observations for how he ends up shooting with the film camera, how it may or may not influence his digital work and even the equipment or what he is looking for in equipment down the road, etc.

I have decided on the camera. A Nikon FE in fully working order and even an attractive one. Not a collectors item. Just one on the good condition end of the spectrum. I've also decided on a lens. Nothing special at all - a 50mm Nikon Series E f/1.8. These go for a song because they were "low end" lenses in the Nikkor stable. Honestly the 50 series E's performance is great and it's build/fit/finish is at least as good as anything out there from other companies around the same time period. It's also idiotically small.

Over the next week I will be cleaning the camera so it looks as good as possible, burning a roll of film to make sure the whole thing works as right, selecting some color neg film stocks, and sending it out. If you have any comments on a film sampler to send along let me know what your thoughts are.

In the spirit of the project here's a list of the film zealot posts I have put out randomly here and there…

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There is probably a bunch more stuff - this was just easiest to find… Someday I will get the whole category thing straitened out here. Until then, enjoy.

I cannot wait to comment on the progress of this whole thing.


Ps. Image above cropped out of flatbed scan of negatives in a plastic sheet. My usual M.O. for web-stuff. Shot on decade old TRI-X. Processed in my bathroom sink.

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