Not a rant - not a photography related post - nothing at all. Just a quick note vs a stream of 80,000 tweets to explain some context. Specifically the context of me. Move along or read for entertainment value.

To sort of get where I am coming from you have to know that I am not sane. Or from my point of view I am one of the few sane people. The way I gauge anything and everything is on a comprehensive all encompassing scale that measures everything in absolutes. Am I having a good day or a bad day? Seems like a normal question - for me it's mostly middle of the road days. For me it doesn't really matter unless it's comparable to my top day ever or my worst day ever. I don't really care to much about all the middle ground. Even "good days" really really good days don't hold a lot of sway for me if they are not better than my best day ever.

Same goes for images, same goes for food, everything. Does it even stand a chance to rival the best thing I have ever done/seen/thought of/tasted/did? If not it falls into the I don't really care category. Most of the time I think of it as "why bother". I can be cajoled or cajole myself into a state of "Okay okay - screw it - there you go. Done. Fine, wonderful who cares…" mode of operation. Other times if there is potential there - potential to rival the absolute best - I go after it in a way that just cannot be stopped - maniacal. Usually it falls short but this does not temper my desire or enthusiasm for those opportunities.

It's just that I don't find a lot of satisfaction in all the middle of the road stuff - actually no satisfaction. It falls into the category of who cares…

Hence - if your measurement system is skewed more toward everything is great except things that are really bad you need to temper my ummmmm… lack of enthusiasm for the non-spectacular. All of the stuff that falls below best-est baddest biggist most spectacular is all about the same to me in some gray spectrum of less-bad to bad. Couple that with a couple of really really really fantastic things in my top 3 bestest days ever (hard to even describe because they are so fantastically spectacularly in the category of awesomeness - better than the movies) and you have quite the pickle…


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