Olympus OM2SP Test Report

Don't worry. A quicky. I while back - probably almost a year ago I bought yet another Olympus OM body, this time an OM2SP. Looked to be in great shape. Everything seemed to work but as usual the meter seemed wonky compared to every Nikon I have ever owned. Wonky as in reading values that are wrong. After a brief set of comparisons to known good meters it was giving me 2/3 to 1 stop more exposure than it should.

Standard procedure is for me to burn a roll of StupidCrap™ just to make sure that there are no other issues like light leaks or inconsistent shutters or aperture activation arms that don't or the worst thing - focus issues. I chose Portra 160 since I have a truck load of it. Loaded it up. Shot a few quick snaps and promptly forgot about it before I finished the roll.

Fast forward… I remembered it when I picked it up and saw the note on the back telling me it was loaded with Portra 160 and the +1 over jammed in the back of it. Looks like I had a dozen more shots so I went through those quickly and dropped it off at my local "don't really care" drug store for processing. Well it works - the camera that is. The Walgreen's not so much. I don't use them for anything critical - only fast turn-around things that I expect to be a little off. To bad that "a little off" is now turning into WTF territory with increasing frequency. This roll is a mess - bad processing, bad scanning, bad physical negative handling, bad bad bad. I don't think I will be using them any longer - time for Indie Film Lab - even for my don't care stuff.

Long story short the camera works - the meter is off but I don't care. I typically use an incident meter when shooting film anyway. The thing that is pretty amazing is how great it is to focus wide aperture lenses with decent viewfinders. Really it's a pleasure and is so much more fluid when you can actually see what's going on rather than having to switch your attention even subtly back and forth between a little focus indicator at the bottom of the viewfinder vs where your subject is. Shot at the top is either wide open or really close - I forget. Trust me Leela is never static. Here's another a few months later that shows her with a bit more dynamic expression. She vasilates between the two unpredictably.

Looks like there are a decent percentage of keepers out of 36 shots. Too bad I have to re-scan ever one to even get an impression of what they look like. Well, Indie it is from now on… probably. Will definitly give you my two cents - shooting my test roll with the AIS Nikkor 50mm 1.2 starting today…

Mostly to see if my go-to Nikon body can focus it wide open consistently. It should. It has no issue with 1.4 but me being me I just have to know for sure…


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