Photo Workshop - In Spain?

A long and winding twitter conversation regarding the horrendous weather conditions in northern north America somehow lead to LaRoque half jokingly suggesting a joint workshop… In Spain… A few other peeps chimed in and basically said - "hey that's great - count me in".

Thinking about it I actually think that might be really fun. One of the few places that have been on my list for a long long time that I haven't yet travelled to. What the heck. I am game. Just for the heck of it here's what I am thinking might be the ticket.

  • 3 Days - I can probably handle 10 people max and if we add LaRoque then maybe we could do 20.
  • A get to know each other dinner/drinks the night before starting and then all day shooting for three days with an optional dinner/drinks in the evening with some casual chit chat about the day as well as some presentation of images of the day with constructive group commentary for anyone wishing to share.
  • A couple of photogenic models for subjects and a health mix of topics for each location. Maybe 4 locations/day.
  • Outdoor and indoor locations with a editorial/lifestyle kind of theme.
  • Focus will be using natural light, mixing available light and portable strobe using a minimalistic kit. Creative use of the environment. Working with subjects, storytelling, photographic philosophy, pretty much the the whole creative thought process in making pictures at each location. Not all about the how but an equal balance of why.

I have hosted a dozen or two workshops. I have not done it regularly for quite a while but I can tell you it's a bunch of work so that it actually isn't completely random. I tend to prefer a whole lot more shooting that sitting around talking about shooting - we can do that when it gets dark and actually have some images under the belt to discuss.

Just a few thoughts - I know that quite a few of you are EU/UK based. Any interest? Thoughts on the broad agenda? Any specifics you would like to see covered/done? Too long/Too short? Too far for anyone not in Spain?

Any feedback public or private would be great.

Just a seed of a thought at the moment.


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