What About The D600 And Aperture 3

Had a chat about the Nikon D600 with an eBuddy yesterday. Specifically my opinion on the camera and if it was a worthy competitor to the D700. You can probably guess my response - especially at the price point that was being discussed. A low low $1600 used. That's a steal unless it's broken. I think the Sony 24 megapixel sensor that camera houses is one of the best available at the moment. I really have no complaints about it's performance. It's a great balance all around.

In the spirt of my anti-adobe mood this week I brought up a couple of random D600 RAW files in Aperture 3, did a quick fine tune on them and shot a couple of screen shots his way to evaluate what kind of performance he could expect. I just had to fine tune the default RAW rendering as I am not a big fan of Aperture's defaults - I never have been. Their target is pretty damned consistent across cameras at this point which is a plus it's just I don't get the target. I can take flat as a default but I have no idea what they were thinking in terms of the default tone curve and color.

In any case even with my extremely liberal exposure policy on the D600 the default RAW rendition has mids that render far too low and for the most part - contrast in all the wrong places… I haven't really done any work on the D600 in Aperture 3 as I have been preoccupied with shooting, culling, and processing iamges for the lighting field guides all of which have been done in Lightroom with just a VSCO preset on import as a universal baseline. I almost forgot how frigging good Aperture 3 is from an IQ point of view and how nicely calibrated a lot of it's basic tools are. The curves tool is a dream - probably the best out there. Same goes for the WB controls, etc, etc.

Just for grins here are a couple of screen shots I shared with him as well as some I just couldn't help myself from taking a look at processed in Aperture 3. I think I am going to put a bit more effort into the Fuji XTRANS X100S files using Aperture 3.

All these are from the D600 at 100% on my 27" screen you can open them in a new window to see them as I see them with all the pixels. The shot at the top is a pseudo Kodak negative kind of look. Shot with my $350 50mm 1.4G.

Here's one I shot to hopefully confound LaRoque. Also with the 50mm. A bit more of a Fuji negative film look.

A slightly different Kodak-y treatment

How about some Fuji Pro Neg on steroids…

Ramp that down a hair and skew things a bit more toward yellow maybe just for kicks.

And back around to something a little more kokak-esque…

Some random stuff shot with one speedlight, the D600, and my 50mm. You can see the ISOs, apertures, and shutter speeds displayed at the bottom. All of them except the one with a ton of motion blur plus a bit of rear-sync goodness hand held. Yea the D600 is crazy good from an IQ point of view and not too shabby with Aperture 3 in charge of decoding the RAW files.


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