VSCO Loves Fuji

A quick update for all you Fuji X series camera fans. As you \ may have heard VSCO has released an update to VSCO Film 02 with dedicated Fuji camera ACR profiles. While this was certainly great - as it was with their initial release of 03 that included fuji profiles as well as the update to 01 a short while ago - there is actually bigger news that wasn't in the headline.

At the same time they updated all of their products 01, 02, and 03 with profiles for the Fuji X100S. I have to tell you I like the updates a lot. A whole lot. Film 02 with the new fuji profiles is a completely different beast. I may actually use it with my Fuji X cameras a whole lot more than I have previously. I still have a couple of things I would like to see handled a bit differently but that can wait for now. Here is a brief sample. Let's call it meet the new 400's. As in a sampling of the new 400 speed emulations in film 02 with fuji profiles vs the standard versions. This time for an OOC RAW from my old X100. No other fooling around just one click on the "strait" VSCO preset. At the top we have the profiled version of Kodak Portra 400NC.

For comparison's sake here's the "standard" 400NC with the default adobe profile.

Next up - the new Fuji Superia 400 with Fuji profile.

And the old standard version…

And a perennial favorite (the real film) Portra 400VC with the new fuji profile.

Last the old standard profile version of the same.

If you are a VSCO customer and a fuji owner grab the new version of 02 now. If you don't own 02 but have an X100S grab the update of 01 or 03 now with profiles for the X100S. VSCO has done a fantastic job with supporting it's customers. No matter if you like their presets or not they have to be recognized for their frequent free updates of products for existing customers. I have also found that issues are responded to consistently and I may add quickly compared to a lot of what I have experienced in the industry.

Case in point. I have the ACR7 version of Film 02. Somehow the old X100 profiles were missing from the update. The new X100S was there but the old one ummmm ooops. I wrote a support ticket after their official response hours last night and the problem was resolved when I checked my email this morning prior to the opening official support hours. That deserves recognition. Try that with your average purveyor of software related products.


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