Fuji X100S vs. Leela

Meet Leela. She's sixteen months old and a complete dynamo. I have three daughters and understand how difficult it can be to make photographs of them. I happen to have made 1000's of really great images of my daughters but Leela - my granddaughter is even tougher. At least she is at this age. To get used to the characteristics of my new X100S I decided to give it the acid test. Some pictures of Leela. Of course I confirmed what I already knew. We'll get to that at the end.

I manipulated the image at the top to stop her in her tracks for about a second. I out smarted her not easy to do as she is a woman not easily influenced. Leela is especially difficult because if she sees a camera she will make a beeline towards it in order to press the buttons. Yep she knows the playback button on every camera and just must push it. That's her itchy button pushing finger. You can see her surprise that I stood up and she cannot push the intended button.

I slowed the shutter button down so you can get an idea of how fast she moves. Horrible shot but you get the idea…

She is so so busy with her agenda and it's extremely hard to keep track of. She changes it up every half a second or so with no logic a mere mortal could possibly comprehend. She's a bit behind schedule messing around with the doggies water…

Okay done. What's that. The trash. Need to deal with that.

The AF can definitely nail moments of stasis but so can just about any camera including the old X100 or even a manual focus camera. It's probably more about the photographer. If you depend on the camera it almost assures failure. You have to be ready. If not you are absolutely going to miss the shot. The plants haven't been tended to either…

Okay time to get a snack. That's the magic multi-purpose pointing finger that seems to make just about anything happen. It's pointing at the cupboard that has her goodies.

Hold on a second, there's the camera. Must push buttons.

Now it's time to kiss the dog.

I could go on and on and on like this. Check out the sequence numbers of the files. A heck of a lot of them are back to back. Here's another trick to keep her still for even a moment. Leela loves to be outside. She will stand there looking outside pounding on the glass until she wears out. Don't worry I did not leave her in this distressed state for more than 5 seconds. Pop-pop is a push-over.

Instead of boring you with a million more images of Leela I will bottom line this. The X100S is kid approved. Leela loves the buttons. It's certainly better at grabbing focus for the small time that she is static. Marginally better at attempting to grab her actually in motion and she likes the playback button a whole lot. No matter what camera you use it's probably more a matter of your shooting strategy at any given moment on any given day as well as your preparedness that is about 400 times more important that absolute camera speed. Is it a bit better than the X100 in this grueling test… yes. If you are not prepared shooting kids close up are harder than cats and way harder technically than "street". I am about 15 years out of practice here but starting to get a handle on strategies that work with Leela… I think.


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